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34A-11-1      Public policy.
34A-11-1.1      Repealed.
34A-11-2      Definitions.
34A-11-3      Department designated as state agency under federal law.
34A-11-4      Functions of department and board.
34A-11-4.1      Executed.
34A-11-5      Cooperation with other agencies and groups.
34A-11-6      Acceptance of loans and grants.
34A-11-7      Employment of personnel.
34A-11-8      Rules identifying characteristics and listing hazardous wastes.
34A-11-9      Promulgation of rules governing hazardous wastes--Civil penalty for violation.
34A-11-9.1 to 34A-11-9.3.      Transferred.
34A-11-10      Notification of hazardous waste activity required--Civil penalty for violation.
34A-11-11      Complaint alleging violation--Investigation--Report--Enforcement action.
34A-11-12      Facility permits required--Issuance, modification, revocation, suspension, or denial--Term--Civil penalty for violation.
34A-11-12.1      Fees for applications, amendments, and renewals--Costs assessed--Schedule of costs and fees.
34A-11-13      Application for permits--Rules--Hearings.
34A-11-14      Terms and conditions of permits--Civil penalty for violation.
34A-11-15      Revocation, modification, or suspension of permit--Grounds.
34A-11-16      Inspection of facilities and records--Monitoring equipment--Reports.
34A-11-16.1      Annual fee for inspection and monitoring.
34A-11-17      Notice and order for correction of violation.
34A-11-18      Hearing on violation--Time for request--Notice--Action by board.
34A-11-19      Circuit court action against violator--Injunction.
34A-11-20      Repealed.
34A-11-21      Violations classified as felonies.
34A-11-22      Public access to information--Confidential information excepted--Disclosure of protected information as misdemeanor.
34A-11-23      Other rights to abate nuisances and pollution unaffected.
34A-11-24      Hazardous waste revolving fund--Administration--Use of funds.
34A-11-25      Disposal fee levied by state--Records.
34A-11-26      County or municipal disposal fee--Distribution of fee shares.

Title 34A
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