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34A-1-1      Policy of state--Purpose of chapter.
34A-1-2      Definition of terms.
34A-1-3      Repealed.
34A-1-4      Technical and operational services secured by secretary.
34A-1-5      Administration of chapter--Board functions--Enforcement as to radioactive substances.
34A-1-6      Promulgation of rules--Purpose--Violation.
34A-1-6.1 to 34A-1-8. Repealed.
34A-1-9      Studies, investigations and educational activities of department.
34A-1-10      Cooperation by department with other agencies, persons, and groups.
34A-1-11      Classification of air contaminant sources--Reporting requirements.
34A-1-12      Records and reports required on air contaminant sources--Monitoring and sampling methods--Other information--Violation.
34A-1-13      Access to records relating to air pollution emissions.
34A-1-14      Records and information available to public--Exception to protect trade secrets--Authorized use--Violation as misdemeanor.
34A-1-15      Establishment of ambient air quality standards--Violation.
34A-1-16      Specification of fuels permitted in state--Violation.
34A-1-17      Contamination within plant excluded from jurisdiction.
34A-1-18      Emission control and open burning requirements--Local control--Nonconformance as violation.
34A-1-19      Emission control methods and devices required--Permission to use alternative methods--Violation.
34A-1-20      Maintenance of motor vehicle emission control devices--Violation.
34A-1-21      Permits required for air pollutant equipment and control devices--Applications--Rules--Recommendations by secretary--Hearings--Violation--Actions taken without a permit or in violation of permit conditions as misdemeanors.
34A-1-22      Prevention of stationary pollution sources not in compliance.
34A-1-23      Particular manufacturer not to be favored by requirements.
34A-1-24 to 34A-1-27. Repealed.
34A-1-28      Repealed.
34A-1-29 to 34A-1-35. Repealed.
34A-1-36      Municipal and county programs approved by board--Application to state facilities.
34A-1-37      Municipal and county cooperation with other agencies.
34A-1-38      Control of air contaminant sources beyond capability of local authority.
34A-1-39      Civil action for violation--Penalty.
34A-1-40      Investigations on board's own initiative--Petition by local board or electors.
34A-1-41      Entry for inspection to determine compliance--Refusal of access prohibited.
34A-1-42      Report of inspection furnished to owner or operator.
34A-1-43      Hearings by board--Procedural powers.
34A-1-44      Issuance and enforcement of orders.
34A-1-45      Emergency order for immediate reduction or discontinuance of emissions.
34A-1-46      Hearing requested on emergency order--Action by board.
34A-1-47      Notice of violation--Order for corrective action--Civil penalty.
34A-1-48      Hearing requested on order for corrective action--Time allowed.
34A-1-49      Contested case proceeding in lieu of order--Consent agreement.
34A-1-50      Board orders after hearing.

34A-1-51      Time allowed for corrective action in board order.
34A-1-52      Enforcement remedies not barred by actions for penalties.
34A-1-53      Voluntary compliance effort not precluded.
34A-1-54      Private remedies unimpaired.
34A-1-55      Repealed.
34A-1-56      General permits for categories of air pollution sources--Terms and conditions--Modification, suspension or revocation--Violation.
34A-1-57      State administration of air pollution control program--Imposition of fees.
34A-1-58      Annual fee--Calculation--Annual adjustment of fee--Use of proceeds--Existing sources of pollution--Written notice from department.
34A-1-58.1      Ethanol production plants--Application and annual fees.
34A-1-59      Establishment of air quality subfund--Source of subfund--Administration--Expenditures--Unexpended funds.
34A-1-60      Obligation to pay fee imposed on regular air contaminant--Date due.
34A-1-61      Permit revocation, modification, or suspension--Fees.
34A-1-62      Additional penalty for knowingly violating provisions of this chapter.

Title 34A
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