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36-11-11 Promulgation of rules.
     36-11-11.   Promulgation of rules. The Board of Pharmacy may promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 as follows:
             (1)      Pertaining to the practice of pharmacy;
             (2)      Relating to the sanitation of persons and establishments licensed under the provisions of this chapter;
             (3)      Pertaining to establishments licensed under the provisions of this chapter wherein any drug is compounded, prepared, dispensed or sold;
             (4)      Providing for minimum equipment and standards of establishments licensed under the provisions of this chapter;
             (5)      Pertaining to the sale of drugs by or through any mechanical device;
             (6)      In cooperation with other governmental agencies where there exists a joint responsibility for protecting the public health and welfare;
             (7)      Pertaining to the sale of nonprescription drugs;
             (8)      To adopt such publications or supplements thereto as shall from time to time be deemed necessary to describe the drugs, medicines, prescription drugs, dispensing physician or other terms used in § 36-11-2;
             (9)      Pertaining to the posting of prescription prices on the premises of a pharmacy department to provide consumers with comparative pricing information;
             (10)      Pertaining to registration of drug wholesalers and manufacturers;
             (11)      Pertaining to home health care and service;
             (12)      Pertaining to computerized pharmacy;
             (13)      Pertaining to the registration of registered pharmacy technicians and the suspension or revocation of registration; an annual registration fee not to exceed thirty dollars; and tasks that may not be delegated by a licensed pharmacist to a registered technician;
             (14)      Redispensing of pharmaceuticals.

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Chapter 36-11

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