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36-11-70 Refusal to dispense medication.
     36-11-70.   Refusal to dispense medication. No pharmacist may be required to dispense medication if there is reason to believe that the medication would be used to:
             (1)      Cause an abortion; or
             (2)      Destroy an unborn child as defined in subdivision 22-1-2(50A); or
             (3)      Cause the death of any person by means of an assisted suicide, euthanasia, or mercy killing.
     No such refusal to dispense medication pursuant to this section may be the basis for any claim for damages against the pharmacist or the pharmacy of the pharmacist or the basis for any disciplinary, recriminatory, or discriminatory action against the pharmacist.

Source: SL 1998, ch 226, § 1.

Chapter 36-11

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