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36-14-1      Acts constituting practice of barbering.
36-14-2      Board of Barber Examiners--Members--Terms of office--Qualifications--Removal--Vacancies.
36-14-2.1      Lay member of board--Appointment and term of office.
36-14-3      Quorum of board.
36-14-4      Officers of board--Seal--Duties and bond of secretary-treasurer.
36-14-4.1      Board continued within Department of Labor and Regulation--Records and reports.
36-14-5      Employment of personnel by board.
36-14-6      Inspection of shops and schools by board.
36-14-7      Monthly deposit of money into treasury--Special account--Continuous appropriation--Limit on expense.
36-14-8      Repealed.
36-14-9      Rules and sanitary requirements--Posting in shops and schools--Scope of rules.
36-14-10      Repealed.
36-14-11      Certificate of registration required of barber or apprentice.
36-14-12      Persons exempt from requirements of chapter.
36-14-13      Character, age, education, apprenticeship, and examination required to practice as barber--Continued practice by apprentice after failure of examination.
36-14-13.1      Reciprocity agreement.
36-14-13.2      Certificate of registration to practice barbering by reciprocity--Fee--Proof from other state's licensing entity.
36-14-14      Journeyman barber permit issued on certification or experience in another state without reciprocity agreement--Failure to pass examination.
36-14-15      Character, age, education and examination required for apprentice certificate--Further study required on failure of examination.
36-14-16      Apprentice permit on certificate from another state--Credit for apprenticeship time in another state.
36-14-17      Curriculum required for approval of barber school.
36-14-18      Contents of application for examination--Photographs.
36-14-19      Time, place, and scope of examinations--Issuance of certificates--Employment pending examination.
36-14-20      Display of certificates.
36-14-21      Supervision of apprentices--One per registered barber.
36-14-22      Annual renewal of certificates--Expiration.
36-14-23      Repealed.
36-14-24      Fees required of barbers and apprentices--Permit fee for barber school.
36-14-25      Restoration of lapsed certificate.
36-14-26      Record of proceedings relative to certificates--Contents--Public inspection.
36-14-27      License required for shop--Supervision by registered barber--Petty offense--Application--Fee.
36-14-28      Inspection before issuance of shop license--Fee.
36-14-29      Display of shop license--Transfer prohibited--Expiration.
36-14-30      Annual inspection of shops.
36-14-31      Mobile shop license fee--Annual inspection--Place of operation.

36-14-32      Grounds for refusal, suspension, or revocation of certificates.
36-14-33      Procedure for refusal, suspension, or revocation of certificate.
36-14-34      Omitted.
36-14-35      Appeal from Board of Examiners.
36-14-36      Acts declared petty offenses.
36-14-37      Violation of chapter as petty offense.
36-14-37.1      Injunction for enforcement of chapter--Election of remedies.
36-14-38 to 36-14-51. Repealed.

Title 36
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