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36-18A-29 Land surveyor qualifications--Board to establish criteria.
     36-18A-29.   Land surveyor qualifications--Board to establish criteria. Any applicant for licensure as a land surveyor shall provide the following evidence satisfactory to the board:
             (1)      Graduation from an accredited engineering or land surveying college, university, or technical program with a minimum of twenty credit hours of surveying curriculum, or substituted experience, in whole or part, acceptable to the board;
             (2)      Completion of the minimum number of years of diversified surveying experience under the supervision of a licensed land surveyor; and
             (3)      Successful completion of examinations.
     The board shall promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 to establish education, experience, and examination criteria.

Source: SL 1999, ch 195, § 29.

Chapter 36-18A

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