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37-25A-1      Definitions.
37-25A-2      Exclusions from definition of business opportunity.
37-25A-3      Exemptions.
37-25A-4      Revocation or denial of exemption--Procedure.
37-25A-5      Revocation or denial of exemption without hearing pending final determination--Notice--Request for hearing.
37-25A-6      Offer or sale without knowledge of order revoking or denying exemption.
37-25A-7      Offer or sale of opportunity not registered or exempt prohibited.
37-25A-8      Filings required to register opportunity.
37-25A-9      Appointment of director as agent for service of process--Procedure for service through director.
37-25A-10      Fee for registration.
37-25A-11      Effective date of registration.
37-25A-12      Term of registration--Renewal statement and fee--Sales report.
37-25A-13      Rule requiring filing of advertising and literature authorized.
37-25A-14      Delivery of written disclosure document to purchaser required.
37-25A-15      Form and content of disclosure statement.
37-25A-16      Business opportunity contract to be written--Copy to purchaser.
37-25A-17      Required contract provisions.
37-25A-18      Denial, revocation, or suspension of registration--Grounds.
37-25A-19      Limitation of revocation, suspension, or denial proceeding.
37-25A-20      Summary suspension or postponement of effectiveness of registration--Notice--Hearing--Modification.
37-25A-21      Prerequisites to entry of stop order.
37-25A-22      Vacation or modification of orders--Grounds.
37-25A-23      Net worth or bond requirements for use of income, refund, or repurchase representations.
37-25A-24      Period bond required--Notice required prior to lapse.
37-25A-25      Use or disclosure of information by director restricted.
37-25A-26      Investigatory powers of director--Publication of information concerning violations.
37-25A-27      Administration of oaths--Subpoena power--Taking evidence.
37-25A-28      Enforcement of subpoena.
37-25A-29      Privilege against self-incrimination not excusing witness--Prosecution of witness restricted.
37-25A-30      Cease and desist orders--Injunction actions--Reference of evidence for prosecution.
37-25A-31      Appeal of director's order.
37-25A-32      Promulgation of rules and forms.
37-25A-33      Findings required for adoption or change of rules--Cooperation with other jurisdictions.
37-25A-34      Liability not imposed on acts conforming to rule, form or order.
37-25A-35      Receipt by director as filing--Records maintained--Public inspection.
37-25A-36      Interpretive opinions by director--Fee.
37-25A-37      Sales and offers subject to chapter.
37-25A-38      Offers to sell made in this state.
37-25A-39      Offers to sell accepted in this state.
37-25A-40      Offers to sell not made in this state.
37-25A-41      Conduct constituting appointment of director as attorney for service of process.

37-25A-42      Continuances where process served under chapter.
37-25A-43      Fraud, deceit, and misleading statements and omissions prohibited in connection with offer or sale.
37-25A-44      False or misleading statements or omissions in proceedings or filings prohibited.
37-25A-45      Filing and registration not constituting finding of truthfulness or approval--Contrary representations prohibited.
37-25A-46      Advertising with misleading statements or omissions prohibited.
37-25A-47      Violations as felonies--Separate offenses.
37-25A-48      Civil liability for registration violations.
37-25A-49      Civil liability for representation violations.
37-25A-50      Action on bond.
37-25A-51      Liability of person aiding or controlling violator.
37-25A-52      Limitation of actions to enforce civil liability.
37-25A-53      Rights and remedies under chapter additional.
37-25A-54      Waiver of rights void.
37-25A-55      Civil penalty.

Title 37
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