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38-22-1      Superseded.
38-22-1.1      Administration of commission under department supervision--Independent functions retained by commission.
38-22-1.2      Definitions.
38-22-1.3      State Weed and Pest Control Commission abolished.
38-22-1.4      South Dakota Weed and Pest Control Commission established.
38-22-1.5      Composition of commission.
38-22-1.6      Nomination of appointive members of commission--Areas represented--Length of terms.
38-22-1.7      Functions of commission.
38-22-1.8      End of current terms--Commencement of new terms--Term limits.
38-22-2, 38-22-3. Obsolete.
38-22-4      Repealed.
38-22-5      Meetings of commission--Election and terms of officers.
38-22-6      Appointment of state weed and pest coordinator.
38-22-7      Formulation of weed and pest program.
38-22-8      Cooperation with other state agencies--Functions of experiment station and extension service.
38-22-9      Determination and publication of lists of state weeds and pests.
38-22-9.1, 38-22-10. Repealed.
38-22-11      Enforcement of commission rules, regulations, processes, subpoenas, and orders.
38-22-11.1      Promulgation of rules.
38-22-12      Administration of state weed and pest program.
38-22-13      Moving agricultural machinery without cleaning as misdemeanor.
38-22-14      Repealed.
38-22-15      Repealed.
38-22-16      Infested land declared public nuisance--Protective operations by secretary.
38-22-16.1      Weeds or pests in any amount considered infestation.
38-22-16.2      Property owner who allows spread of infestation of noxious weeds or mountain pine beetle responsible for remedy.
38-22-17      Notice to owner of infested land--Service--Contents.
38-22-17.1      Noncompliance with orders as misdemeanor.
38-22-17.2      Intervention on federal land by State Weed and Pest Control Commission.
38-22-18      Service of notice on nonresident owner of infested land.
38-22-19      Police powers of state personnel in enforcement of chapter.
38-22-20      Entry by state personnel not deemed trespass--Crop damage not assessed.
38-22-21      Certification to county auditor of cost of protective operations on infested land--Collection as taxes.
38-22-22      Responsibility for cost of operations on publicly owned land.
38-22-22.1      Responsibility for weed and pest control.
38-22-23      Repealed.
38-22-23.1      Meeting to appoint or provide for election of county weed and pest board--Notice.
38-22-23.2      Members of county weed and pest board--Number--Terms--Qualifications.
38-22-23.3      Time for selecting board.
38-22-23.4      Subsequent appointment or election of weed board.
38-22-23.5      Board member to be appointed or elected from first or second class municipality.
38-22-23.6      Removal of board members.

38-22-23.7      Initial officers of board--Election.
38-22-23.8      Compensation and expense allowances of board members.
38-22-23.9      Powers of board.
38-22-23.10      Duties of board.
38-22-23.11      Purchase, sale, and application of agricultural chemicals and poisons by board--Equipment--Labor.
38-22-23.12      Investigation of suspected land--Notice required for entry.
38-22-23.13      Resolution of board confirming infestation and stating remedial requirements--Service on owner--Termination of resolution.
38-22-23.14      Remedial action by board on owner's failure--Certification of expenses--Collection.
38-22-23.15      Responsibility for control costs on state lands.
38-22-23.16      Penalty for failure to reimburse board for requested operations.
38-22-23.17      Civil penalty for continued failure to perform minimum remedial requirements.
38-22-24      Expenditure of county funds.
38-22-25      Repealed.
38-22-26      Organization for weed and pest control prerequisite to appropriation.
38-22-27      Repealed.
38-22-28      Repealed.
38-22-29      Repealed.
38-22-30      Prosecution of violations--Collection and disposition of forfeitures and fines.
38-22-31      Prosecutions under drug laws not precluded.
38-22-32      Department assisting boards--Agreements with federal agencies--Employment and purchases authorized.
38-22-33      Transportation of plant products containing weed seed as misdemeanor.
38-22-34      Levy for weed and pest control programs in community--Administration by board.
38-22-35      Weed and pest control fund.
38-22-36      Funds for weed and pest control fund.
38-22-37      Repealed.
38-22-38      Expenditure of weed and pest control funds.

Title 38
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