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38-34-1      Definitions.
38-34-2      South Dakota Pulse Crops Council--Initial appointment of members.
38-34-3      Terms of members--Subsequent election of council members--Qualification--Vacancy.
38-34-4      Election of officers--Quorum--Meetings.
38-34-5      Compensation of members.
38-34-6      Pulse crops fund--Collection and expenditure of funds.
38-34-7      Powers and duties of council.
38-34-8      Promulgation of rules.
38-34-9      Effect of chapter on Department of Agriculture or other agencies.
38-34-10      Assessment on pulse crop--Rate--Reciprocal agreements.
38-34-11      Collection and remission of assessment.
38-34-12      First purchaser of pulse crops--Information required on application or affidavit.
38-34-13      Record of purchases of pulse crops--Quantity--Rules on report and assessment.
38-34-14      Pledge or mortgage of pulse crops as security for loan under federal price support program--Procedures for payment of assessment.
38-34-15      Satisfaction of assessment liability if crops remain in storage for duration of pledge or mortgage--Exception.
38-34-16      Undercollections or overcollections of one dollar or less--Commodity Credit Corporation not required to collect or refund.
38-34-17      Enforcement of collection.
38-34-18      Refund of assessment--Application--Time for refund.
38-34-19      Information on purpose of assessment and claim of refund--Development and dissemination.
38-34-20      Referendum on raising or reducing assessment.
38-34-21      Council may contract with Public Utilities Commission to inspect assessment and checkoff records.

Title 38
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