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39-14-1 to 39-14-38. Repealed.
39-14-39      Definition of terms.
39-14-40      Repealed.
39-14-40.1      Commercial feed license--Requirements--Fees--Application and renewal.
39-14-41      Repealed.
39-14-41.1      Copies of labels and labeling.
39-14-42      Refusal or cancellation of commercial feed license--Hearings and opportunity to amend .
39-14-43      Tonnage inspection fee on commercial feeds--Exceptions and conditions--Pet food.
39-14-43.1      Deposits in animal disease research and diagnostic laboratory bond redemption and operations fund.
39-14-44      Tonnage reports and payment of inspection fees--Records required--Refusal or cancellation of commercial feed licenses for noncompliance.
39-14-45      Deposits in feed and remedy fund--Expenditures.
39-14-46      Adulteration by poisonous or deleterious substances.
39-14-47      Adulteration by unsafe additives.
39-14-47.1      Adulteration by unsafe color additive or new animal drug.
39-14-48      Adulteration by unsafe food additives.
39-14-49      Adulteration by pesticide chemicals.
39-14-50      Adulteration by omission or abstraction of valuable constituents.
39-14-51      Adulteration by failure to meet label representations.
39-14-52      Adulteration by drug not conforming to good manufacturing practice.
39-14-53      Adulteration by weed seed.
39-14-54      Labeling requirements for commercial feed.
39-14-55      Labeling requirements for customer-formula feed.
39-14-55.1      Label disclosure requirement for all ruminant livestock feed.
39-14-56      Conditions constituting misbranding.
39-14-57      Prohibited acts.
39-14-58      Administration of chapter by secretary of agriculture.
39-14-59      Cooperation by secretary with other agencies.
39-14-60      Rules and regulations--Conformity to national standards.
39-14-61      Publication required before adoption or change of rule or regulation--Automatic adoption of changes in national standards.
39-14-62      Access of departmental personnel to premises and records.
39-14-63      Entry of premises and inspections by departmental personnel--Restriction on scope of inspection.
39-14-64      Notice of inspections--Notice of completion.
39-14-65      Warrant for inspection of premises.
39-14-66      Receipt given for samples obtained.
39-14-67      Sampling and analysis methods.
39-14-68      Deficiencies determined by official sample and analysis.
39-14-69      Results of analyses furnished by secretary--Portion of sample furnished on finding of adulteration or misbranding.
39-14-70      Misuse of confidential information as misdemeanor--Exchange with other government agencies.
39-14-71      Order withdrawing feed from distribution--Release on compliance--Condemnation proceedings.

39-14-72      Seizure and disposal of feed in violation--Opportunity to process or relabel.
39-14-73      Judicial review of administrative actions--Form of proceeding.
39-14-74      Injunction to restrain violations of chapter.
39-14-75      Violation as misdemeanor.
39-14-76      Warning in lieu of prosecution for minor violations.
39-14-77      Prosecution by state's attorney--Opportunity for hearing before report of violation.
39-14-78      Publication of information on commercial feeds--Contents.
39-14-79      Severability of provisions.
39-14-80      Title of chapter.
39-14-81      Rules covering exemption from chapter.

Title 39
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