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39-18-1      Definition of terms.
39-18-2      Administration of chapter.
39-18-3      Registration required for distribution of remedy.
39-18-4      Experimental remedies exempt from registration--Labeling.
39-18-5      Application for registration--Contents.
39-18-6      Label to accompany application--Specimen required--Statement of claims.
39-18-7      Classification by secretary as commercial feed or animal remedy.
39-18-8      Copy of registration forwarded to applicant_Annual expiration date.
39-18-9      Disposition of funds collected.
39-18-10      Refusal to register product of no value--Suspension or revocation for flagrant violation.
39-18-11      No additional fee required if paid by manufacturer or distributor.
39-18-12      Sale or offer of unregistered remedy prohibited.
39-18-13      Sale by retailer without reregistration.
39-18-14      Professional supervision required for preparation and packaging of remedies.
39-18-15      Label required on animal remedy--Contents.
39-18-16      Forgery or counterfeiting of label prohibited.
39-18-17      Alteration or destruction of label prohibited--Other acts resulting in misbranding.
39-18-18      Remedy deemed misbranded if not properly labeled.
39-18-19      Remedy deemed misbranded if label misleading.
39-18-20      Remedy deemed misbranded if required information on label not conspicuous and clear.
39-18-21      Remedy deemed misbranded if container deceptive as to quantity.
39-18-22      Remedy deemed misbranded if distributed under name of another.
39-18-23      Remedy deemed misbranded if recommended dosage is dangerous.
39-18-24      Distribution under federal license as compliance with branding requirements.
39-18-25      Putrid and decomposed substances constituting adulteration.
39-18-26      Poisonous and deleterious substances constituting adulteration.
39-18-27      Injurious substance in container constituting adulteration.
39-18-28      Preparation or packing under unsanitary conditions as adulteration.
39-18-29      Substandard strength or quality as adulteration--Tolerance allowed.
39-18-30      Manufacture or sale of adulterated or misbranded remedy prohibited.
39-18-31      False guaranty prohibited--Reliance on guaranty by another.
39-18-32      False or misleading advertising prohibited--Restrictions on liability of advertising media.
39-18-33      Sale of unrefrigerated biological products prohibited.
39-18-34      Exemption of veterinarians.
39-18-34.1      Relationship between veterinarian and client or patient as condition of dispensing certain drugs--What constitutes a valid relationship.
39-18-35      Enforcement of chapter--Rules and regulations--Notice and hearing on regulations.
39-18-36      Publication of production data and analysis results--Operations not disclosed.
39-18-37      Violation of chapter or rules and regulations as misdemeanor.
39-18-38      Investigations pertinent to enforcement.
39-18-39      Access of departmental personnel to premises.
39-18-40      Procurement and analysis of samples--Official analysis as sole guide for administrative determinations.
39-18-41      Refusal of inspection or sample prohibited.

39-18-42      Analysis result showing adulteration or misbranding forwarded to distributor and purchaser--Portion of sample furnished.
39-18-43      Unauthorized disclosure of information prohibited.
39-18-44      Withholding from sale of remedies not in compliance.
39-18-45      Tagging of adulterated or misbranded remedies--Disposal or removal from premises prohibited.
39-18-46      Petition for condemnation of adulterated or misbranded article--Removal of tag if found not adulterated or misbranded.
39-18-47      Destruction of article found adulterated or misbranded--Costs and expenses.
39-18-48      Bond to permit processing or relabeling of detained remedy--Expense of supervision--Return of bond on compliance.
39-18-49      Report of violations to prosecuting authorities.
39-18-50      Report for prosecution required for minor violations--Warning notice.
39-18-51      Prosecution of violations reported--Opportunity to present views before report for prosecution.
39-18-52      Severability of provisions.
39-18-53      Citation of chapter.

Title 39
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