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44-9-1      Persons entitled to lien--Property affected--Extent of lien--Exceptions.
44-9-2      Construction of improvements with knowledge of owner subjects land to lien--Exceptions.
44-9-3      Vendee authorized to improve land sold under executory contract--Forfeiture or surrender of contract after attachment of liens for improvements--Liability of vendor.
44-9-4      Improvement not authorized by owner of land--Notice of nonliability.
44-9-5      Homestead right--Lien does not affect exemption.
44-9-6      Contribution under contract with owner--Agreed price--Extent of lien.
44-9-6.1      Interest on amounts secured by liens.
44-9-7      Attachment and taking effect of lien--Preference over other encumbrances.
44-9-8      Attachment of lien--Protection of bona fide purchaser, mortgagee, or encumbrancer--Notice of lien for improvements thereafter made.
44-9-9      Concurrent liens upon mine or mining claim, oil or gas well or spring--Pro rata payment.
44-9-10      Materials or services furnished to contractor--Lien account and notice of claim furnished to owner--Withholding of payments from contractor to protect lien claimants.
44-9-11      Lien account and notice of claim--Service on owner of property--Copy furnished to contractor--Assent of contractor to claim--Payment by owner--Deduction from amount due contractor.
44-9-12      Amount due from contractor to creditor--Recovery from owner.
44-9-13      Misappropriation of funds by contractor, subcontractor, or supplier--Theft.
44-9-14      Demand of owner for lien accounts--Service on persons claiming liens--Owner defined.
44-9-15      Lien ceases without filing of required lien statement--Place of filing of statement.
44-9-16      Lien statement by lien claimant--Verification--Contents.
44-9-17      Lien statement by lien claimant--Mailing of copy to property owner condition precedent to filing--Post office receipt attached to statement.
44-9-18      Lien statement by lien claimant--Duties of register of deeds--Filing in numerical order--Contents of record--Entry upon mortgage or lien index.
44-9-19      Fees for the filing, indexing or assignment of liens.
44-9-20      Claims against two or more buildings or improvements--Exception for condominiums--General contract with owner--Election of lien claimant.
44-9-21      Manner of satisfying liens--Execution and delivery of satisfaction to owner of property--Contents--Acknowledgment--Record of satisfaction--Cancellation of lien.
44-9-22      Neglect of lien holder to satisfy lien on demand--Damages--Attorney fees--Additional penalty.
44-9-23      Enforcement of lien--Venue of action--Commencement and conduct of proceedings.
44-9-24      Six-year limitation to enforce lien--Cancellation of expired lien.
44-9-25      Parties to action to foreclose lien--Admission of lien holder not named as defendant--Joinder of plaintiffs.
44-9-26      Forfeiture of lien for failure to commence suit upon demand--Cancellation by register of deeds.
44-9-27      Action to enforce lien--Commencement--Issuance of summons--Filing of complaint.
44-9-28      Notice of pendency of action to enforce lien--Necessity for filing--Intervention of other lien claimants.
44-9-29      Enforcement of lien--Application to make all interested persons parties--Order of court, publication--Rights barred by failure to appear and assert claim.
44-9-30      Consolidations of actions for foreclosure of liens upon same property--Order of court--Rights of parties protected.
44-9-31      Pleadings in action to foreclose lien--Bill of particulars to be attached, verification--Further account may be required by court--Pleading stricken and claim disallowed for failure to file particulars.
44-9-32      Pleadings in action to foreclose lien--Denial of averments of answer.
44-9-33      Foreclosure of liens--Applicability of laws governing civil procedure--Exception.
44-9-34      Foreclosure of liens--Appointment of receiver on request of majority of lien holders, parties to action.
44-9-35      Foreclosure of liens involving public utility--Receivership created instead of directing sale of property.
44-9-36      Receiver appointed in foreclosure proceeding--Issuance of certificates for charges necessary to protect property as provided in judgment.
44-9-37      Compensation of receiver fixed by court.
44-9-38      General power of court to appoint receiver not abridged.
44-9-39      Postponement of trial of foreclosure action--Omitted parties--Lien claim not due--Allowance of present worth of claim.
44-9-40      Judgment for lien holder--Amount demanded and proved--Costs fixed by court--Excluded from lien of other property.
44-9-41      Foreclosure of lien--Taxation of costs--Sum allowed for preparation and filing of lien statement and account.
44-9-42      Foreclosure of lien--Allowance of fees and expenses, attorneys, receivers, exception.
44-9-43      Payment of judgment by lien holder personally indebted for amount of lien--Subrogation to rights of person so paid.
44-9-44      Judgment of sale to satisfy all liens--Manner of sale--Rights of persons which are paramount to liens--Proceeds of sale, distribution by officer making sale.
44-9-45      Judgment of sale to satisfy all liens--Right of redemption--Leasehold having not more than two years to run--Interest of vendee under executory contract of sale.
44-9-46      Sale of improvements to satisfy all liens--Severance and removal from land.
44-9-47      Judgment and sale to satisfy all liens--Necessity for report to and confirmation by court.
44-9-48      Judgment and sale to satisfy all liens--Sale not confirmed by court--Resale--Receiver to handle property.
44-9-49      Failure to comply with chapter does not affect right of person to recover, in civil action, from party with whom he contracted.
44-9-50      Notice of project commencement--Time of filing--Fees--Register of deeds to maintain index.
44-9-51      Contractor's name and address and location notice to be posted--Contents of location notice.
44-9-52      Notice of project commencement does not affect title, liens allowable, or mortgage.
44-9-53      Notice of furnishing labor or materials required before lien extended--Notice recipients--Time for filing--Contents of notice--Exemption.

Title 44
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