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45-6D-1      Citation of chapter.
45-6D-2      Legislative findings and policy.
45-6D-3      Definition of terms.
45-6D-4      Permit or surety not required by governmental office or political subdivision.
45-6D-5      Laws applicable to operations on state-owned land.
45-6D-6      Application for permit for exploration operations--Items comprising application.
45-6D-7      Application form--Contents.
45-6D-8      Reclamation plan required.
45-6D-9      Reclamation plan--Contents.
45-6D-10      Map of permit area.
45-6D-11      Copy of application filed with register of deeds--Public inspection.
45-6D-12      Notice of application--Publication.
45-6D-13      Notice to Department of Game, Fish and Parks--Restrictions concerning riparian habitat.
45-6D-14      Notice to state archaeologist--Restrictions concerning site disturbances.
45-6D-15      Confidential information in application protected--Violation as misdemeanor.
45-6D-16      Consultation with surface owner--Restrictions of owner.
45-6D-17      Domestic water wells--Information required of operator.
45-6D-18      Fee for application.
45-6D-19      Inspection of area prior to issuance or renewal of permit--Surety for costs of plugging test holes and reclamation.
45-6D-20      Criteria for determining amount of surety.
45-6D-21      Surety bond--Surety other than bond--Considerations by board.
45-6D-22      Cash or securities in lieu of surety.
45-6D-23      Surety payable to state--Conditions required.
45-6D-24      Surety liability continues until released.
45-6D-25      Surety penalty--Amount.
45-6D-26      Objections--Statements in support of application--Notice and hearing.
45-6D-27      County request for hearing on application.
45-6D-28      Hearing on application--Notice--Time for decision.
45-6D-29      Grant of permit if application in compliance with law--Grounds for denial.
45-6D-30      Term of permit--Triennial renewal.
45-6D-31      Notice to county commissioners of approval of or denial of permit or renewal.
45-6D-32      Exploration operations--Applicable laws.
45-6D-33      Capping, sealing, and plugging test holes--Temporary delay.
45-6D-34      Capping, sealing, and plugging test holes--Rules.
45-6D-35      Repealed.
45-6D-36      Test holes converted to water wells.
45-6D-37      Roads and trails.
45-6D-38      Restoration of drill sites and affected land.
45-6D-39      Penetration of aquifer--Notice to board.
45-6D-40      Penetration of aquifer--Report required.
45-6D-41      Geological conditions--Report required.
45-6D-42      Geological conditions reports confidential--Violation as misdemeanor.
45-6D-43      Renewal of permit--Information required.
45-6D-44      Renewal of permit--Notice of application.
45-6D-45      Renewal of permit--Confidentiality of required information.

45-6D-46      Renewal of permit--Objections--Statements in support of application--Notice and hearing.
45-6D-47      Renewal of permit--Hearing on application--Notice--Time for decision.
45-6D-48      Renewal of permit--Operation continued under original permit--Implementation of nonapproved modification ground for revocation or denial of permit.
45-6D-49      Renewal of permit--Grounds for denial of modifications.
45-6D-50      Renewal of permit--Grounds for denial.
45-6D-51      Violation--Notice to operator.
45-6D-52      Violation--Cease and desist order.
45-6D-53      Violation--Hearing.
45-6D-54      Violation--Modification, suspension, or revocation of permit.
45-6D-55      Violation--Action for temporary restraining order or injunction.
45-6D-56      Violation--Forfeiture of surety--Proceedings by attorney general.
45-6D-57      Violation--Forfeiture of surety--Reclamation of land by board.
45-6D-58      Fees deposited in environment and natural resources fee fund--Proceeds of forfeiture of surety deposited in special revenue fund.
45-6D-59      Operator currently in violation--Issuance of permit prohibited.
45-6D-60      Violation of permit--Civil penalty--Liability for damages to environment.
45-6D-61      Operation without permit--Civil penalty.
45-6D-62      Refusal of access or interference with inspection as violation.
45-6D-63      Jurisdiction and authority of board--Employment of personnel--Legal services provided by attorney general.
45-6D-64      Assistance provided by other departments and agencies.
45-6D-65      General powers of board.
45-6D-66      Specifications regarding application of chapter to new and prior operations.
45-6D-67      Confidentiality period of certain mineral exploration reports.

Title 45
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