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47-22-1      Definitions.
47-22-2      Applicability to domestic corporations.
47-22-2.1      Applicability to corporations existing prior to 1965.
47-22-3      Applicability to foreign corporations.
47-22-4      Purposes and authority of corporations--Particular purposes--Exceptions.
47-22-5      Incorporators--Articles of incorporation.
47-22-6      Contents of articles of incorporation--Necessary recitals.
47-22-7      Corporate name--Indication of purpose.
47-22-8      Repealed.
47-22-8.1      Use of same or similar name prohibited--Non-English name to be transliterated.
47-22-9      Reservation of name--Parties entitled to reserve.
47-22-10      Procedure for reservation of name--Maximum time of reservation.
47-22-11      Transfer of reserved right--Notification to secretary of state.
47-22-12      Articles of incorporation--Endorsement and filing by secretary of state--Issuance of certificate of incorporation.
47-22-13      Commencement of corporate existence--Certificate as conclusive evidence of compliance--Exceptions.
47-22-14      Amending articles of incorporation.
47-22-15      Procedure for amendment.
47-22-16      Resolution of amendment--Submission to members at meeting--Notice of meeting--Contents of notice--Written notice of adoption required--Majority vote required.
47-22-17      Procedure in absence of members entitled to vote--Adoption of amendment by board of directors.
47-22-18      Submission of more than one amendment.
47-22-19      Articles of amendment--Contents of articles.
47-22-20      Delivery to secretary of state--Fees--Endorsement and filing--Issuance of certificate of amendment.
47-22-21      Effective date of amendment.
47-22-22      Preexisting actions unaffected--Change of name as not abating action.
47-22-23      Restatement of articles of incorporation--Procedure.
47-22-24      Resolution of restatement--Submission to members.
47-22-25      Notice of proposed restatement--Contents of notice.
47-22-26      Vote of membership--Majority vote required.
47-22-27      Procedure in absence of members entitled to vote--Adoption of restatement by board of directors.
47-22-28      Approval of restated articles--Contents of articles--Delivery to secretary of state.
47-22-28.1      Restated articles may incorporate proposed amendments--Conditions.
47-22-29      Approval by secretary of state--Fees--Endorsement and filing--Issuance of restated certificate of incorporation.
47-22-30      Effective date of restated articles.
47-22-31      Meeting of first board of directors--Organization meeting--Notice of meeting.
47-22-32      First meeting of members--Notice of meeting.
47-22-33      Adoption of initial bylaws--Amendment of bylaws--Permissible contents of bylaws.
47-22-33.1      Method of providing notice to members or directors.
47-22-34      Changing number of board of directors--Bylaws controlling absent provision in articles.
47-22-35      Emergency bylaws--Conditions creating emergency.

47-22-36      Provisions of emergency bylaws--Meetings of directors--Attendance--Priorities.
47-22-37      Modification of lines of succession during emergency.
47-22-38      Changing head office during emergency.
47-22-39      Duration of emergency bylaws.
47-22-40      Notice of meetings during emergency--Quorum.
47-22-41      Liability for actions during emergency--Willful misconduct.
47-22-42 to 47-22-51. Repealed.
47-22-52      Powers of corporation--Perpetual succession.
47-22-53      Powers of corporation--Capacity to sue and be sued.
47-22-54      Powers of corporation--Corporate seal.
47-22-55      Powers of corporation--Dealing in real or personal property.
47-22-56      Powers of corporation--Disposal of corporate assets.
47-22-57      Powers of corporation--Lending money.
47-22-58      Powers of corporation--Securities holdings--Government obligations.
47-22-59      Powers of corporation--Contracting--Borrowing--Issuance of securities.
47-22-60      Powers of corporation--Lending--Investing--Property holding.
47-22-61      Powers of corporation--Extraterritorial operations.
47-22-62      Powers of corporation--Officers and agents.
47-22-63      Powers of corporation--Adoption of bylaws.
47-22-64      Powers of corporation--Donations--Wartime donations.
47-22-65      Repealed.
47-22-65.1      Powers of corporation--Indemnification--Defense of actions.
47-22-65.2      Indemnification against expenses and attorneys' fees.
47-22-65.3      Authorization of indemnification--Requirements--Manner of determination.
47-22-65.4      Authorization of payment of expenses prior to final disposition of action--Receipt of undertaking--Terms and conditions.
47-22-65.5      Indemnification not exclusive of other rights--Continuation of benefits to former employees--Benefits to deceased employees.
47-22-65.6      Powers of corporation--Purchase and maintenance of liability insurance.
47-22-65.7      Corporation defined.
47-22-65.8      Definition of other terms.
47-22-66      Powers of corporation--Pension plans.
47-22-67      Powers of corporation--Cessation of activities.
47-22-68      Powers of corporation--Other powers.
47-22-68.1      Restrictions on private foundations--Definition of terms.
47-22-68.2      Restrictive provisions as to income and property deemed incorporated in foundation charter.
47-22-68.3      Self-dealing by foundation prohibited.
47-22-68.4      Distributions required of foundation.
47-22-68.5      Excess business holdings prohibited to foundation.
47-22-68.6      Investments which jeopardize charitable purpose prohibited to foundation.
47-22-68.7      Taxable expenditures prohibited to foundation.
47-22-68.8      Judicial determination that required restrictions would be contrary to charter.
47-22-68.9      State powers over corporation unimpaired.
47-22-69      Ultra vires unavailable to invalidate transfers of property.
47-22-70      Circumstances under which ultra vires may be asserted--Actions by members or directors--Injunctions.
47-22-71      Circumstances under which ultra vires may be asserted--Actions by corporation against officers or directors.
47-22-72      Circumstances under which ultra vires may be asserted--Actions by attorney general to dissolve or enjoin corporation.
47-22-73      Unauthorized acting as corporation--Liability.
47-22-74      Legislative power to prescribe additional regulations.
47-22-75      Prior incorporations validated--Previously pending actions.
47-22-76      Rights vested under prior statutes unaffected.
47-22-77      Severability and saving clause.
47-22-78      Citation of nonprofit corporation law.

Title 47
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