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58-17-53 Optometric services--Reimbursement, exceptions.
     58-17-53.   Optometric services--Reimbursement, exceptions. If an insurer provides by contract, policy, certificate, or any other means whatever, for a service, or for the partial or total reimbursement, payment, or cost of a service to or on behalf of any of its policyholders, group policyholders, subscribers, or group subscribers, or any other person or groups of persons, which service is within the lawful scope of practice of a licensed optometrist, the person rendering the service or the policyholder, subscriber, or other person is entitled to partial or total reimbursement, payment, or cost of that service, whether the service is performed by a licensed physician or by a licensed optometrist. Unless the contract, policy, certificate, or other means employed otherwise provides, there is no reimbursement of payment for ophthalmic materials, lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, or appurtenances thereto. Reimbursement may be denied to a policyholder treating himself or any member of his family residing in his household, provided, however, that reimbursement for durable medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and prosthetic devices may not be denied where within policy coverages.

Source: SL 1966, ch 111, ch 32, § 8; SL 1982, ch 363, § 1.

Chapter 58-17

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