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58-33A-3 "Advertisement" defined.
     58-33A-3.   "Advertisement" defined. For the purposes of this chapter, the term, advertisement, includes:
             (1)      Any printed and published material, audio visual material, and descriptive literature of an insurer used in direct mail, newspapers, magazines, radio scripts, TV scripts, billboards, and similar displays;
             (2)      Any descriptive literature and sales aids of all kinds issued by an insurer, representative of the insurer, insurance producer, or solicitor for presentation to members of the insurance-buying public, including circulars, leaflets, booklets, depictions, illustrations, internet communications, form letters, and lead-generating devices of all kinds;
             (3)      Any prepared sales talks, presentations, and material for use by representatives of the insurer, insurance producers, and solicitors whether prepared by the insurer or the representative of the insurer, insurance producer, or solicitor; and
             (4)      Any advertising material included with a policy if the policy is delivered and material is used in the solicitation of renewals and reinstatements.

Source: SL 1999, ch 240, § 3; SL 2000, ch 251, § 4; SL 2001, ch 286, § 212.

Chapter 58-33A

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