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9-12-11 Promotion of municipality--Appropriation and expenditure of funds--Records.
     9-12-11.   Promotion of municipality--Appropriation and expenditure of funds--Records. A municipality may appropriate money from its general fund to promote itself. If there are commercial clubs, chambers of commerce, or industrial development corporations organized and incorporated as nonprofit corporations under the laws of the State of South Dakota for the purpose of promoting the municipality, the appropriations or any part thereof may be paid to such organizations for expenses incurred for promoting the municipality. Payments to these organizations shall be based on programs previously submitted to the governing board by them and they shall be required to maintain complete records on all their activities and shall provide a certified audit of those records to the governing board of the municipality at the close of each fiscal period. In lieu of a certified audit, the governing board may accept a financial statement. For purposes of this section, promotion includes, but is not limited to, any costs incidental to the hosting of events held within the municipality.

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Chapter 9-12

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