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9-13-1      Date of annual municipal election--Hours of voting.
9-13-1.1      Joint municipal and school district elections authorized--Date--Sharing costs and responsibilities.
9-13-1.2      Dates associated with joint election.
9-13-2      Repealed.
9-13-3      Repealed.
9-13-4      Superseded.
9-13-4.1      Registration and residence required to vote in municipal election--Residence defined--Challenge--Contest of election.
9-13-5      Election not held in absence of contest--Certificate of election issued to unopposed candidates.
9-13-5.1      Repealed.
9-13-6      Publication of notice of vacancies--Times.
9-13-6.1      Individual contests authorized when more than one seat vacant.
9-13-7      Nominating petition--Time of filing--Data concerning candidate--Form--Acceptance--Effect.
9-13-7.1      Withdrawal or death of candidate--Procedure.
9-13-8      Repealed.
9-13-9      Number of signers required for nominating petitions in first, second, and third class municipalities--Time for circulating petitions.
9-13-10      Repealed.
9-13-11      Residence mailing address and date added to signature--Form and verification of petition.
9-13-12      Repealed.
9-13-13      Notice of municipal election--Publication or posting.
9-13-14      Special elections governed by general provisions--Questions to be stated in notice.
9-13-14.1      Filling of vacancy on municipal governing body--Appointment or special election.
9-13-14.2      Special election to fill vacancy on governing body or in office of mayor--Procedures.
9-13-14.3      Elected official to hold office until vacancy filled.
9-13-15      Repealed.
9-13-16      Election precincts--Division and consolidation of wards into precincts--Application to state and county elections.
9-13-16.1      Precinct election boards.
9-13-16.2      Terms of and representation by members of governing body following redistricting.
9-13-17      Repealed.
9-13-18 to 9-13-20. Repealed.
9-13-21      Preparation and form of ballots--Absentee ballots--Arrangement of names of candidates.
9-13-22      Repealed.
9-13-23      Repealed.
9-13-24      Return and canvass of votes.
9-13-25      Person with highest number of votes for office to be declared elected.
9-13-26      Repealed.
9-13-26.1      Runoff election when no candidate receives a majority of votes--Conduct of election.
9-13-27      Repealed.
9-13-27.1      Publication of notice of secondary election.
9-13-27.2      Tie vote--Recount--Determination by lot.

9-13-27.3      Request for recounts--Recount board established.
9-13-27.4      Recount on ballot question--Recount board.
9-13-28      Notice to persons elected--Time allowed for qualification.
9-13-29      Municipal officers subject to recall.
9-13-30      Petition for recall--Number of signatures--Grounds--Time limits--Challenge to petition.
9-13-31      Special or annual election--Notice.
9-13-32      Incumbent as candidate in recall election--Other candidates--Secondary election on recall.
9-13-33      Continuation of incumbent in office if re-elected.
9-13-34      Removal of incumbent from office by election of another at recall--Qualification of successor.
9-13-35      Term of office of successor elected at recall election.
9-13-36      Election board for wards--Compensation.
9-13-37      Municipal elections held in conjunction with June primary elections.
9-13-38, 9-13-39. Transferred.
9-13-40      Municipal elections held on first Tuesday after first Monday in June--Notice--Nominating petitions.

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