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12-13-28 Employment and compensation of petition circulators.
     12-13-28.   Employment and compensation of petition circulators. No person may employ, reward, or compensate any person to circulate a petition for an initiated measure, referred law, or proposed amendment to the South Dakota Constitution based on the number of registered voters who signed the petition. Nothing in this section prohibits any person from employing a petition circulator based on one of the following practices:
             (1)      Paying an hourly wage or salary;
             (2)      Establishing either express or implied minimum signature requirements for the petition circulator;
             (3)      Terminating the petition circulator's employment, if the petition circulator fails to meet certain productivity requirements; and
             (4)      Paying discretionary bonuses based on reliability, longevity, and productivity.
     Any violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Source: SL 2007, ch 78, § 1.

Chapter 12-13

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