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13-33B-2 Consideration of pupil's specific communication needs.
     13-33B-2.   Consideration of pupil's specific communication needs. The individualized education program shall consider the specific communication needs of the pupil, including all of the following:
             (1)      The pupil's individual communication mode and language;
             (2)      A sufficient number of age, cognitive, and language peers of similar abilities. However, nothing in this subdivision may be construed to require that a specific number of peers be provided;
             (3)      Appropriate, direct, and ongoing language access to special education teachers and interpreters and other specialists who are proficient in the pupil's primary language mode; and
             (4)      Language accessible services and school and extracurricular activities.

Source: SL 1993, ch 143, § 2.

Chapter 13-33B

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