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14-1-59 Supervisory and policy-making functions of board.
     14-1-59.   Supervisory and policy-making functions of board. The State Library Board shall be the supervisory and policy-making body of the State Library Office and shall:
             (1)      Formulate general policies for the State Library;
             (2)      Promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 under which state library services and materials may be used by citizens and by libraries in the state, under which administration and execution of federal or private funds or programs that may be received by the State Library may be carried out, and under which libraries of the state may have access to systems and networks provided outside the state by the State Library;
             (3)      Review and approve budget requests for the State Library; and
             (4)      Adopt a long-range plan for the statewide coordination and development of library services.

Source: SDC 1939, § 29.0303 (1); SL 1941, ch 138, § 2; SL 1953, ch 175, § 1; SDCL, § 14-1-13; SL 1975, ch 155, § 12; SL 1985, ch 155, § 1.

Chapter 14-1

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