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14-2-1 to 14-2-26.      Repealed.
14-2-27      Definition of terms.
14-2-28      Existing libraries covered by chapter--Changes to effect compliance--Terms of previous contracts unaffected.
14-2-29      Optional methods of providing library service.
14-2-30      Resolution or ordinance to provide services.
14-2-31      Services provided on approval by voters.
14-2-32      Petition to require referendum on library services--Referendum on motion of governing body.
14-2-33      County containing municipalities with libraries--Petition and election outside municipality only--Election of municipality to be included.
14-2-34      Services continued by chartered governmental units.
14-2-35      Board of public library trustees--Appointment and terms of members.
14-2-36      Contract with established library--Annual appointment of additional trustees--Number proportional to contributed funds.
14-2-37      Joint public library--Board of trustees--Proportional appointment.
14-2-38      School board contracts for library services--Proportional appointment of trustees by board--Maximum number.
14-2-39      Per diem and expenses of trustees.
14-2-40      Duties of trustees.
14-2-41      Powers of trustees.
14-2-42      Duties of librarians.
14-2-43      Quarters for library--Location--Selection and approval.
14-2-44      Bond issuance for building construction--Use of municipal special assessment funds or county tax levies.
14-2-45      Long-term lease for building acquisitions--Maximum term--Property included--Rent payment sources.
14-2-46      Building funds--Appropriations--Continuation of previously established funds--Transfer of surplus to other funds.
14-2-47      Expenditures for public library services, materials and facilities.
14-2-48      Repealed.
14-2-49      Discard of old library materials--Marking--Disposition.
14-2-50      Discontinuance of services by vote.
14-2-51      Confidential library records.

Title 14
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