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2-7-3 Contents of legislative manual.
     2-7-3.   Contents of legislative manual. The legislative manual compiled and printed in each odd-numbered year shall contain the following data:
             (1)      A current official directory of state government;
             (2)      A current list of county officers;
             (3)      A compilation of appropriations for state departments made at regular and special sessions during the two years immediately preceding;
             (4)      A county by county list of election results for all statewide contests and ballot questions for the last general and last primary elections;
             (5)      A brief biographical statement and picture of all current constitutional officers, legislators, public utility commissioners, supreme court justices, circuit court judges, and United States senators and members of congress;
             (6)      A listing of all past statewide elected officials;
             (7)      A brief South Dakota chronology;
             (8)      A brief statement and pictures regarding the South Dakota institutions;
             (9)      A brief statement and picture of the state seal and state emblems;
             (10)      The Constitution of South Dakota;
             (11)      Population of each county and each municipality;
             (12)      Names of gubernatorial appointees to boards and commissions; and
             (13)      A table of contents.

Source: SDC 1939, § 55.0901 as added by SL 1964, ch 152; SL 1965, ch 231; SL 1977, ch 24, § 5; SL 1985, ch 5, § 8; SL 2010, ch 16, § 1.

Chapter 2-7

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