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20-13-1      Definition of terms.
20-13-1.1      Probable cause defined.
20-13-2      State Commission of Human Rights--Appointment of members--Terms--Vacancies--Removal.
20-13-2.1      Direction and supervision of commission by Department of Labor and Regulation--Independent functions retained by commission.
20-13-3      Quorum of commission--Rules governing meetings.
20-13-4      Per diem and expenses of commission members.
20-13-5      Employment of personnel by division.
20-13-6      Legal assistance to commission.
20-13-7      Investigation and elimination of discrimination by education and conciliation.
20-13-8      Cooperation with other agencies.
20-13-9      Funds and grants accepted--Accounting.
20-13-10      Employer's unfair or discriminatory practices.
20-13-10.1      Blind or partially blind person--Employment discrimination restricted--Civil penalty.
20-13-11      Employment agency's unfair or discriminatory practices.
20-13-12      Labor organization's unfair or discriminatory practices.
20-13-13      Employment advertising deemed unfair or discriminatory.
20-13-14      Requiring security clearance not unfair or discriminatory.
20-13-15      Use of ability test by employer not unfair or discriminatory.
20-13-16      Seniority and merit preferences permitted--Place of work differentials.
20-13-17      Sex differentiation permitted when based on seniority, job description, merit or executive training systems.
20-13-17.1      Gender preference for hires at single-sex facility not discriminatory.
20-13-18      Qualification based on religious purpose not unfair or discriminatory.
20-13-19      Repealed.
20-13-20      Unfair or discriminatory housing practices by owner or agent.
20-13-20.1      Discrimination based on familial status--"Family" defined--Application to housing accommodations.
20-13-20.2      Unfair or discriminatory housing practices based on familial status--Exemptions.
20-13-21      Unfair or discriminatory housing practice by financial institution or lender.
20-13-21.1      Housing--Modifications on behalf of disabled persons unnecessary--Disabled persons not relieved of obligations.
20-13-21.2      Design or construction of multifamily dwellings--Access to housing units and common areas by disabled persons and wheelchairs--Prior approval of plans not required.
20-13-22      Educational institutions' unfair or discriminatory practices--Exemptions.
20-13-22.1      Programs and activities exempt when conducted for educational, social, or recreational purposes.
20-13-22.2      Selection of students to participate in exempt programs permitted--Conduct of programs.
20-13-23      Public accommodations--Unfair or discriminatory practices.
20-13-23.1      Right of disabled persons to equal treatment in public accommodations.
20-13-23.2      Physically disabled, blind or deaf person's right to be accompanied by guide dog without extra charge--Liability for damages--Violation as misdemeanor.
20-13-23.3      Repealed.
20-13-23.4      Right to keep guide dog in rented or leased residence--Violation as misdemeanor.
20-13-23.5      Repealed.
20-13-23.6      Repealed.
20-13-23.7      Good faith efforts made to accommodate disabled persons.
20-13-23.8      Repealed.
20-13-23.9      Repealed.
20-13-23.10      Repealed.
20-13-24      Public services--Unfair or discriminatory practices.
20-13-25      Advertising public accommodations or services--Unfair or discriminatory practices.
20-13-26      Concealing, aiding, compelling, or inducing unlawful discrimination--Threats or reprisals.
20-13-27      Regulations for enforcement of chapter.
20-13-28      Complaints acted upon by division.
20-13-28.1      Dismissal of charge if investigation shows no probable cause.
20-13-29      Charge filed with division--Requirements--Contents--Public officials may file charge.
20-13-30      Charge by employer or organization against employees or members.
20-13-31      Time for filing charge.
20-13-32      Service of charge--Investigation--Conference or conciliation to eliminate practice.
20-13-32.1      Repealed.
20-13-32.2      Investigative materials confidential--Access to material by parties following determination.
20-13-33      Repealed.
20-13-34      Notice to respondent to answer charge--Time for answer.
20-13-35      Notice to answer charge after investigating official's report--Time for hearing--Hearing examiner--Right to transfer matter to circuit court.
20-13-35.1      Right to proceed by civil action in lieu of hearing--Forms of relief available.
20-13-36      Administration of oaths--Depositions.
20-13-37      Evidence rules inapplicable at hearings--Cross-examination--Burden of proof--Preservation of testimony.
20-13-38      Presentation of case--Investigating official's participation limited.
20-13-39      Respondent's answer and appearance at hearing--Charging party's intervention.
20-13-40      Amendment of charge or answer.
20-13-41      Proceedings on default by respondent.
20-13-42      Finding of discriminatory or unfair practice--Cease and desist order--Affirmative action required.
20-13-43      Finding of no discriminatory or unfair practice--Dismissal of charge.
20-13-44      Majority of commission required for final orders.
20-13-45      Procedural rules.
20-13-46      Rules governed by general law on administrative rules.
20-13-47      Judicial review of commission--court order for enforcement of order.
20-13-48 to 20-13-51. Repealed.
20-13-52      Commission's appearance by attorney--Supervision--Exception in action against governmental agency.

20-13-53      Repealed.
20-13-54      Broad construction of chapter.
20-13-55      Severability of provisions.
20-13-56      Citation of chapter.

Title 20
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