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22-42-1      Definition of terms.
22-42-2      Unauthorized manufacture, distribution, counterfeiting or possession of Schedule I or II substances as felony--Mandatory sentences.
22-42-2.1      Written prescription required to dispense Schedule II substance--Refills prohibited--Felony.
22-42-2.2      Oral prescription permitted for Schedule II substance under specified conditions.
22-42-2.3      Mitigating circumstances--Departure from mandatory sentence.
22-42-2.4      Conspiracy to commit violation of § 22-42-2--Punishment same as provided under that section.
22-42-3      Unauthorized manufacture, distribution, counterfeiting or possession of Schedule III substances as felony--Mandatory sentences.
22-42-4      Unauthorized manufacture, distribution, counterfeiting or possession of Schedule IV substances as felony--Mandatory sentences.
22-42-4.1      Prescription required to dispense Schedule III or Schedule IV substance--Refill restricted--Felony.
22-42-4.2      Schedule II, III, or IV substances to be distributed only for a medical purpose.
22-42-5      Unauthorized possession of controlled drug or substance as felony.
22-42-5.1      Unauthorized ingestion of controlled drug or substance as felony.
22-42-6      Possession of marijuana prohibited--Degrees according to amount.
22-42-7      Distribution or possession with intent to distribute specified amounts of marijuana.
22-42-8      Obtaining possession of controlled substance by theft, misrepresentation, forgery, or fraud.
22-42-9      Manufacture, distribution, or possession of equipment for making counterfeit controlled substance as felony.
22-42-10      Keeping place for use or sale of controlled substances as felony.
22-42-11      Inhabiting room where controlled substances illegally stored or used as misdemeanor.
22-42-12      Civil fine for violation of regulatory provisions--Additional fine remitted to drug abuse or rehabilitation program.
22-42-13      Criminal penalties in addition to civil and administrative penalties.
22-42-14      Repealed.
22-42-15      Ingesting substance, except alcoholic beverages, for the purpose of becoming intoxicated as misdemeanor--Venue for violation.
22-42-15.1      Possession, sale, or distribution of certain substances for the purpose of intoxication as misdemeanor.
22-42-16      Delivery or manufacture of noncontrolled substance represented to be controlled substance as felony.
22-42-17      Controlled substances obtained concurrently from different medical practitioners--Misdemeanor.
22-42-18      Definitions of terms used in §§ 22-42-19 to 22-42-21, inclusive.
22-42-19      Drug free zones created--Violation as felony--Sentence--Defense.
22-42-20      Violation of drug-free zones as separate count in indictment.
22-42-21      Lack of knowledge as to age of minor not a defense.
22-42-22      Possession of Salvia divinorum or salvinorin A prohibited--Felony or misdemeanor.

Title 22
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