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25-1-1      Marriage defined--Consent and solemnization required.
25-1-2      Present consent to marriage required.
25-1-3, 25-1-4.      Repealed.
25-1-5      Manifestation and proof of consent and consummation of marriage.
25-1-6      Incestuous marriages void.
25-1-7      Marriage with stepchild void.
25-1-8      Bigamous marriage void--Former spouse absent or believed dead.
25-1-9      Age of consent to marriage with and without parental consent.
25-1-10      License required for marriage--Fee--Disposition of fees--Form--Certified copies--Fee.
25-1-10.1      Application for marriage license--Proof of age required.
25-1-10.2      Application for marriage license--Required statement.
25-1-11      Issuance of license to unqualified persons prohibited.
25-1-12      Repealed.
25-1-13      Consent of parent or guardian required for marriage of minor--Memorandum in record book.
25-1-14      Repealed.
25-1-15      Unlawful issuance of license as misdemeanor.
25-1-16      Repealed.
25-1-17      Obsolete.
25-1-18 to 25-1-23.      Repealed.
25-1-24      Time allowed after license for solemnization of marriage.
25-1-25      Obsolete.
25-1-26, 25-1-27.      Repealed.
25-1-28      Repealed.
25-1-28.1      Distribution of HIV educational material before license issued.
25-1-29      Solemnization and recording of marriages required--Common-law marriages prior to 1959 not invalidated.
25-1-30      Persons authorized to solemnize marriages.
25-1-31      Solemnization of marriage without license as misdemeanor.
25-1-32      Identity and ages of parties to be established before solemnization of marriage.
25-1-33      Solemnization of marriage between unauthorized persons as misdemeanor.
25-1-34      Repealed.
25-1-35      Certificate delivered to parties--Return to register of deeds.
25-1-36      Return of marriage performed without person authorized to perform--Failure as petty offense.
25-1-37      Record maintained by Department of Health--Entry as evidence of marriage--Local registrar to file records with department.
25-1-38      Validity of marriages contracted outside state--Same-sex marriages excluded.
25-1-39      Marriage voidable if party physically incapable or consent obtained by fraud or force.
25-1-40      Marital rights not restored by pardon from life sentence.

Title 25
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