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25-8-1, 25-8-2. Repealed.
25-8-3      Father and mother's liability for confinement expense.
25-8-4      Repealed.
25-8-5      Custodian's recovery of support from noncustodian--Period support recoverable.
25-8-6      Repealed.
25-8-7      Proceedings to determine paternity or compel support as civil actions--Rules of procedure--Remedies authorized.
25-8-7.1      Court ordered testing for paternity--Filing of results.
25-8-7.2      Persons authorized to perform test--Liability.
25-8-7.3      Test results--Documentation--Filing objections to admissibility.
25-8-8      Agreement on father's liability not binding unless judicially approved--Other remedies barred when approved and performed.
25-8-9      Time for bringing proceedings.
25-8-10, 25-8-11.      Repealed.
25-8-12      Time of institution of proceeding--Trial deferred until birth.
25-8-13 to 25-8-30.      Repealed.
25-8-31      Repealed.
25-8-32 to 25-8-40.      Repealed.
25-8-41      Repealed.
25-8-42 to 25-8-45.      Repealed.
25-8-46      Terminology used in records of children born out of wedlock.
25-8-47, 25-8-48.      Repealed.
25-8-49      Admission of paternity as prima facie evidence.
25-8-50      Voluntary hospital-based paternity establishment program.
25-8-51      Forwarding of affidavit of paternity to Department of Social Services.
25-8-52      Rebuttable presumption of paternity--Signed and notarized affidavit.
25-8-53      Reimbursement of reasonable costs for affidavit of paternity.
25-8-54      Use of forms and information prescribed by department.
25-8-55      Default judgment establishing paternity.
25-8-56      Judgment of paternity--Full faith and credit.
25-8-57      Rebuttable presumption of legitimacy.
25-8-58      Genetic test results.
25-8-59      Actions contesting rebuttable presumption of paternity.
25-8-60      Circumstances where name of father appears with birth record for out of wedlock birth.
25-8-61      Trial by jury prohibited in paternity action.
25-8-62      Admissible medical billing evidence in paternity actions.
25-8-63      Filing affidavits or adjudications of paternity.
25-8-64      Setting aside presumption or prior determination of paternity based on genetic test results--Factors in determining best interest of the child.

Title 25
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