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3-4-1 Events causing vacancy in office.
     3-4-1.   Events causing vacancy in office. An office becomes vacant if one of the following events applies to a member of a governing body or elected officer before the expiration of the term of the office; the person:
             (1)      Dies;
             (2)      Resigns;
             (3)      Is removed from office;
             (4)      Fails to qualify as provided by law;
             (5)      Ceases to be a resident of the state, district, county, municipality, township, ward, or precinct in which the duties of the office are to be exercised or for which elected;
             (6)      Is convicted of any infamous crime or of any offense involving a violation of the official oath of the office; or
             (7)      Has a judgment obtained against the person for a breach of an official bond.

Source: SL 1864-5, ch 12, § 2; PolC 1877, ch 22, § 2; CL 1887, § 1385; RPolC 1903, § 1802; RC 1919, § 7007; SDC 1939, § 48.0101; SL 2015, ch 22, § 1.

Chapter 3-4

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