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32-25-1      Repealed.
32-25-1.1      Maximum daytime speed--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-2      Repealed.
32-25-3      Requirement that speed be reasonable and lawful under statutes--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-4      Maximum speed on interstate highways--Violation as misdemeanor
32-25-5      Minimum speeds on interstate highways--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-5.1      Unreasonably slow speed prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-5.2      Posting of minimum speeds on particular highways--Violation of minimum speeds as misdemeanor.
32-25-6      Maximum speed for heavy vehicles--Computing gross weight--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-6.1      Maximum speed for manufactured homes or mobile homes--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-6.2      Maximum speed with solid rubber or cushion tires--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-7      Establishment of speed zones--Posting of zones--State or federal roads--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-7.1      Establishment of maximum speed limit on any divided four-lane highway in rural areas--Posting of signs--Misdemeanor.
32-25-7.2      Repealed.
32-25-8      Repealed.
32-25-9      Repealed.
32-25-9.1      Establishment of speed zones by county commissioners--Posting of zones.
32-25-9.2      Township road speed limit--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-10      Changing speed or extent of established zone.
32-25-11 to 32-25-11.3.      Repealed.
32-25-12      Speed limit in unposted urban areas--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-13      Speed limit at obstructed railway crossings--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-14      Speed limit in school zones--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-14.1      Posted school zones--Uniform traffic control devices--Failure to obey as misdemeanor.
32-25-15      Speed limit at intersections with obstructed view--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-16      Exceeding of speed limits as misdemeanor--Power of local authorities to increase limits on through highways.
32-25-17      Posting stop signs at intersections with increased maximum--Illumination of stop signs.
32-25-18      Special speed limits for bridges--Posting signs--Violation of posted speed limit as misdemeanor--Established speed as conclusive maximum safe speed.
32-25-19      Speed limits on posted bridges or structures--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-19.1      Speed limits in highway work areas--Signs posted--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-20      Repealed.
32-25-21      Contents of complaint and summons for violation.
32-25-22      Punishment upon fourth or subsequent conviction--Cancellation of compensation plates--Duration of cancellation.
32-25-23      Racing on highway prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-25-24      Repealed.
32-25-25      "Racing" defined.
32-25-25.1      Nonprofit snowmobile racing exempt from speed provisions.
32-25-26      Superseded.
32-25-27      Low-speed vehicles.
32-25-28      Exceeding posted speed limit permitted under certain conditions.

Title 32
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