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32-5-2 Application for registration--Contents--Failure to provide information as misdemeanor--Acc...
     32-5-2.   Application for registration--Contents--Failure to provide information as misdemeanor--Acceptance of incomplete or erroneous form prohibited. Every owner, or with written authorization, any other person as defined by subdivision 2-14-2(18) on behalf of and as the agent for the owner, of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, truck tractor, road tractor, trailer or semitrailer, or recreational vehicle or trailer, which is operated or driven upon the public highways of this state, shall, except as otherwise expressly provided, present to the county treasurer of the owner's county, or, in case of a nonresident of this state, the treasurer of any county, application for the registration of that vehicle. The application form shall be furnished by the department and shall contain but not be limited to the following information:
             (1)      The number of cylinders or the bore and stroke of each cylinder;
             (2)      The manufacturer's weight;
             (3)      Whether the vehicle operates on diesel fuel, liquified petroleum gas, gasoline, or any other special fuel;
             (4)      The make, model, body, year, color, and vehicle identification number of the vehicle;
             (5)      The odometer reading; and
             (6)      The purchase price and the name and address of the seller, buyer, and lienholder, if any.
     Any person who fails to provide the above information to the county treasurer or the department is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. The department or the county treasurer may not accept an incomplete application form or an application form which the department considers erroneous.

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Chapter 32-5

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