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34-14-26 Definition of terms.
     34-14-26.   Definition of terms. Terms used in §§ 34-14-26 to 34-14-28, inclusive, mean:
             (1)      "Human cloning," human asexual reproduction accomplished by introducing the nuclear material of a human somatic cell into a fertilized or unfertilized oocyte whose nucleus has been removed or inactivated to produce a living organism, at any stage of development, with a human or predominantly human genetic constitution;
             (2)      "Human somatic cell," a diploid cell, having a complete set of chromosomes, obtained or derived from a living or deceased human body at any stage of development;
             (3)      "Nuclear transplantation," transferring the nucleus of a human somatic cell into an oocyte from which the nucleus or all chromosomes have been or will be removed or rendered inert;
             (4)      "Nucleus," the cell structure that houses the chromosomes, and thus the genes;
             (5)      "Oocyte," the female germ cell, the egg.

Source: SL 2004, ch 227, § 1.

Chapter 34-14

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