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34-23A-36 Annual public report--Information included.
     34-23A-36.   Annual public report--Information included. The department shall issue a public report on or before November fifteenth of each year providing the same detailed information required by the reporting forms required by §§ 34-23A-34 to 34-23A-45, inclusive. The public report shall cover the entire previous calendar year and shall be compiled from the data in all the reporting forms required by §§ 34-23A-34 to 34-23A-45, inclusive, and submitted to the department in accordance with §§ 34-23A-34 to 34-23A-45, inclusive. Each public report shall also provide such detailed information for all previous calendar years, adjusted to reflect any additional information from late or corrected reports. The department shall take care to ensure that none of the information included in the public reports may reasonably lead to identification of any physician who performed or treated an abortion or any mother who has had an abortion.

Source: SL 1998, ch 209, § 3; SL 2015, ch 183, § 1.

Chapter 34-23A

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