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34-23A-53 Definition of terms.
     34-23A-53.   Definition of terms. Terms as used in §§ 34-23A-53 to 34-23A-62, inclusive, mean:
             (1)      "Pregnancy help center," any entity whether it be a form of corporation, partnership, or proprietorship, whether it is for profit, or nonprofit, that has as one of its principal missions to provide education, counseling, and other assistance to help a pregnant mother maintain her relationship with her unborn child and care for her unborn child, which entity has a medical director who is licensed to practice medicine in the State of South Dakota, or that it has a collaborative agreement with a physician licensed in South Dakota to practice medicine to whom women can be referred, which entity does not perform abortions and is not affiliated with any physician or entity that performs abortions, and does not now refer pregnant mothers for abortions, and has not referred any pregnant mother for abortions for the three-year period immediately preceding July 1, 2011, which entity does not place children for adoption, and which entity is in compliance with the requirements of § 34-23A-59.1;
             (2)      Deleted by SL 2012, ch 186, § 1;
             (3)      Deleted by SL 2012, ch 186, § 1;
             (4)      "Coercion," exists if the pregnant mother is induced to consent to an abortion by any other person under circumstances, or in such a manner, which deprives her from making a free decision or exercising her free will.

Source: SL 2011, ch 161, § 7; SL 2012, ch 186, § 1; SL 2014, ch 167, § 1.

Chapter 34-23A

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