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34A-6-67 Landfill waste reduction targets--Implementation dates.
     34A-6-67.   Landfill waste reduction targets--Implementation dates. In order to achieve the waste reduction goals provided for under § 34A-6-60, no landfill in the state may accept yard waste, lead acid batteries, waste motor oil, or white good appliances for disposal.
     Office and computer paper, old newspaper, magazines, telephone books, corrugated cardboard, other marketable paper products, containers made from plastic, aluminum, and steel, and other municipal solid waste materials that are diverted from landfilling using appropriate methods and technology count toward the waste reduction goal. Appropriate methods and technology includes recycling facilities.

Source: SL 1992, ch 254, § 30; SL 1995, ch 205; SL 1998, ch 203, § 2.

Chapter 34A-6

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