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36-10-1 to 36-10-17. Repealed.
36-10-18      Definition of terms.
36-10-18.1      Physical therapy defined.
36-10-18.2      Supervision defined.
36-10-19      Physical therapy committee--Functions.
36-10-20      Repealed.
36-10-21      Qualifications of committee members.
36-10-22      Repealed.
36-10-23      Omitted.
36-10-24      Unlicensed practice or use of title as misdemeanor.
36-10-25      Other licensed practitioners exempt from chapter.
36-10-26      Prior licensees deemed licensed.
36-10-27      Application for license--Fee--Evidence of qualifications.
36-10-28      Repealed.
36-10-29      Issuance of license as physical therapist.
36-10-30      Licensing of applicant registered by Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy or who has passed national examination.
36-10-31      Licensure by reciprocity--Qualifications.
36-10-32      Application for licensure by reciprocity--Evidence of qualifications--Fee.
36-10-33      Expiration and annual renewal of license--Fee--Forfeiture.
36-10-34      Repealed.
36-10-35      Repealed.
36-10-35.1      Application for licensure as physical therapist assistant--Fee--Qualifications.
36-10-35.2      Issuance of certificate to physical therapist assistant--Expiration and renewal.
36-10-35.3      Repealed.
36-10-35.4 to 36-10-35.6. Repealed.
36-10-35.7      Approved tasks for physical therapist assistant--Exclusions.
36-10-35.8      Limitation of supervision--Registration of assistants--Notification of termination--Delegation of responsibility.
36-10-35.9      Standards of supervision.
36-10-36      Promulgation of rules.
36-10-37      Procedure for adoption of rules and regulations.
36-10-38      Grounds for refusal of license.
36-10-39      Grounds for cancellation, revocation, or suspension of license.
36-10-40      Unprofessional or dishonorable conduct--Activities included--No basis for criminal prosecution.
36-10-41      Initiation of proceedings for cancellation, revocation, or suspension of license.
36-10-42      Omitted.
36-10-43      Quorum at hearing on cancellation, revocation or suspension.
36-10-44      Procedure on cancellation, revocation or suspension.
36-10-45      Majority vote required to suspend, revoke or cancel license.
36-10-46      Appeal from board decision on refusal, revocation, or suspension.
36-10-47      Reinstatement of suspended or revoked license.
36-10-48      Injunction against violations--Election of remedies.
36-10-49      Investigation of violations--Employment of counsel to assist in prosecution .
36-10-50      Prior certification accepted.
36-10-51      Continuing education.

Title 36
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