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36-13-1      Abstracters' Board of Examiners--Professional members.
36-13-1.1      Lay member of board.
36-13-1.2      Definition of terms.
36-13-1.3      Chain of title defined.
36-13-2      Election of officers--Bond required of secretary-treasurer.
36-13-2.1      Board continued within Department of Labor and Regulation--Records and reports.
36-13-3      Informational budget reviewed by Legislature--Deposit of funds with state treasurer--Abstracters' board of examiners account created.
36-13-4      Records and accounts of board--Inspection.
36-13-5      Repealed.
36-13-6      Enforcement of chapter by board--Seal.
36-13-6.1      Promulgation of rules.
36-13-7      Subpoena power of board officers--Administration of oaths--Depositions.
36-13-8      Certificate of registration required for business of abstracting.
36-13-9      Unauthorized business prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
36-13-9.1      Injunctions--Election of remedies.
36-13-10      Title plant required to engage in business.
36-13-11      Application for certificate of registration--Examination--Fees.
36-13-11.1      Criminal background investigation of applicants.
36-13-12      Scope of examination for certificate of registration.
36-13-13      Separate applications and examinations for different counties.
36-13-14      Repealed.
36-13-15      Bond required for certificate of registration--Amount and conditions.
36-13-16      Financial standing of personal sureties on bond--Investigation and property statements.
36-13-17      Filing and registration of bond.
36-13-18      Additional bond required for certificate--Insufficient bond.
36-13-19      Parties to action on abstracter's bond.
36-13-20      Recitals in certificate of registration--Authority to engage in business--Access to public offices and records.
36-13-21      Fee for certificate of registration--Duration and renewal--Contents of application for renewal.
36-13-21.1      Inspection costs collected from applicant.
36-13-22      Temporary certificate to engage in business.
36-13-23      Register of applicants and certificates.
36-13-24      Seal of abstracter--Impression deposited with board--Affixing to abstracts.
36-13-25      Schedule of fees for doing business established by board--Exceeding schedule as misdemeanor.
36-13-26      Certified abstract as prima facie evidence in judicial proceedings.
36-13-26.1      Abstracter's countersignature on title policy.
36-13-27      Destroyed public records replaced from abstracter's records--Expense.
36-13-28      Suspension or revocation of certificate of registration.
36-13-29      Procedure for suspension or revocation.
36-13-30      Omitted.
36-13-31      Appeal.
36-13-32, 36-13-33. Omitted.

Title 36
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