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36-15-1      Definition of terms.
36-15-2      License required to practice cosmetology--Acts constituting practice of cosmetology.
36-15-2.1      Acts not constituting practice of cosmetology.
36-15-2.2      License required for practice of esthetics--Practices constituting esthetics.
36-15-2.3      Application for esthetics examination--Information required.
36-15-2.4      Terms of licenses--Renewal dates.
36-15-3      Cosmetology Commission--Appointment and terms of members--Oath of office.
36-15-4      Qualifications of professional commission members--School affiliation prohibited.
36-15-4.1      Lay members of commission--Appointment and terms of office.
36-15-5      Annual election of officers of commission--Meetings--Quorum.
36-15-5.1      Commission continued within Department of Labor and Regulation--Records and reports.
36-15-6      Employment of personnel by commission--Expenses--School affiliation prohibited.
36-15-7      Repealed.
36-15-8      Omitted.
36-15-9      Fees paid in advance--Use by commission.
36-15-10      Repealed.
36-15-11      General duties of commission members.
36-15-12, 36-15-12.1. Repealed.
36-15-13      Scope of rules.
36-15-13.1      Repealed.
36-15-13.2      Continuing education for licensees--Commission authorized to adopt rules--Scope.
36-15-14      Access of authorities to salons or schools for inspection and enforcement purposes.
36-15-15      Application for license or permit--Evidence of qualifications.
36-15-16      Persons exempt from chapter.
36-15-17      Application for cosmetologist examination--Information required.
36-15-17.1      Application for nail technician examination--Information required.
36-15-17.2      License required to practice nail technology--Practices constituting nail technology.
36-15-18      Repealed.
36-15-19      Number, time, and place of examinations.
36-15-19.1      Cosmetologist's examination--Issuance of license--Annual expiration and renewal.
36-15-19.2      Licensure by reciprocity--Requirements.
36-15-19.3      Nail technician's examination--Issuance of license--Annual expiration and renewal.
36-15-19.4      Repealed.
36-15-19.5      Esthetician's examination--Issuance of license--Annual expiration and renewal.
36-15-20      Fees for licenses, permits, and renewals.
36-15-20.1      Reinstatement of lapsed licenses and renewals--Fee.
36-15-21 to 36-15-21.3. Repealed.

36-15-22      Temporary permit for out-of-state cosmetologist, nail technician or esthetician--Duration of permit.
36-15-23, 36-15-24. Repealed.
36-15-25      Instructor license required to teach--Senior instructor requirements--Conditional license--Areas of instruction.
36-15-25.1      Senior instructor's license--Annual expiration and renewal.
36-15-25.2      Continuing education requirement for senior instructors teaching apprentices--Subjects, hours and fees to be established by rule.
36-15-26      Junior instructor's license--Requirements--Conditional license--Areas of instruction.
36-15-26.1      Junior instructor's license--Annual expiration and renewal.
36-15-26.2      Education for instructors.
36-15-27, 36-15-28. Repealed.
36-15-29      License required for school of cosmetology, nail technology or esthetics--Requirements for license.
36-15-29.1      School license restricted to premises--Exceptions--Transfer prohibited.
36-15-29.2      Senior instructor required for each junior instructor.
36-15-29.3      Branch school--Requirements for license.
36-15-30      School license--Annual expiration and renewal.
36-15-31, 36-15-32. Repealed.
36-15-33      Student license application--Requirements and issuance of license--Withdrawal or transfer.
36-15-34      Students transferring from out-of-state school--Credit allowed.
36-15-35, 36-15-36. Repealed.
36-15-37      Separation of salon and school required.
36-15-38      School to indicate status in advertising and on school premises.
36-15-39 to 36-15-41. Repealed.
36-15-42      Apprentice license required for apprenticeship--Requirements and term of license.
36-15-42.1      Apprentice salon license required to offer apprenticeship education--Requirements and term of license.
36-15-43      Repealed.
36-15-44      Maximum number of apprentices in salon.
36-15-45      Required period of apprenticeship--Transfer to another salon--Continuity of service.
36-15-46      Textbooks and course of study for schools and apprenticeship training.
36-15-47      Apprentice to practice in licensed salon--Supervision and time required for study and practice.
36-15-47.1      Senior instructors to teach apprentices--Fee for education prohibited.
36-15-48      Senior instructor's report on apprentice.
36-15-49      Repealed.
36-15-50      Temporary license issued on completion of apprenticeship--Duration of license.
36-15-50.1      Temporary license to school graduate--Duration of license.
36-15-51      License required to operate salon or booth--Types of licenses--Annual expiration and renewal--Violation as misdemeanor.
36-15-51.1      Changing location or ownership of salon or booth--New license required--Temporary permit authorized--Notice to commission.
36-15-51.2      Licensed nursing facilities.
36-15-52, 36-15-53. Repealed.
36-15-53.1      Repealed.
36-15-54      Practice outside licensed salon or booth prohibited--Exceptions.
36-15-55      Repealed.
36-15-55.1      Repealed.
36-15-55.2      Ground for disciplinary action as basis for refusal, revocation or suspension of license.
36-15-56      Grounds for disciplinary action.
36-15-57      Subpoena power of commission--Administration of oaths--Depositions.
36-15-58      Initiation of proceedings for cancellation, revocation or suspension of license.
36-15-58.1, 36-15-58.2. Omitted.
36-15-58.3      Quorum of commission at hearing on cancellation, revocation or suspension.
36-15-58.4      Majority vote required to suspend, revoke or cancel license.
36-15-58.5      Reinstatement of suspended or revoked license--Procedure--Conditions.
36-15-59      Appeal from commission decision.
36-15-60      Certain acts prohibited--Misdemeanor.
36-15-61      Injunction against violations--Expenditure of moneys authorized.
36-15-62      Citation of chapter.

Title 36
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