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36-16-1      License required to engage in electrical contracting--Purpose of regulation--Noncompliance as misdemeanor.
36-16-2      Definition of terms.
36-16-3      State Electrical Commission--Number and terms of members.
36-16-4      Commission member involved in education of electrical engineers or electricians.
36-16-4.1      Lay members of commission--Appointment and term of office.
36-16-5      Oath of office--Tenure.
36-16-6      Quorum of commission.
36-16-7      Officers of commission--Expenses of members.
36-16-8      Meetings of commission--Notice.
36-16-8.1      Commission continued within Department of Labor and Regulation--Records and reports.
36-16-9      Electrical commission fund--Collections and disbursements.
36-16-10      Expense of commission.
36-16-11      Repealed.
36-16-12      Seal of commission--Scope of rules.
36-16-13      Application for license--Requirements and examination--Fees--Notice of certain occurrences.
36-16-13.1      Use of license by others prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
36-16-13.2      Issuance of license to public entities.
36-16-13.3      Inactive license--Performance of job requiring license prohibited--Exemption--Change of inactive license.
36-16-14      Contractor license required for installation of wiring or parts--Farm and residential wiring by Class B electrician.
36-16-15      License not required for wiring on own residence or farmstead--Inspection and fee--Failure to report as misdemeanor.
36-16-16      Persons exempt from license requirement.
36-16-17      Biennial fees for licenses.
36-16-18      Temporary journeyman electrician's license--Fee.
36-16-19      Experience required for contractor's license.
36-16-20      Undertaking and insurance required of contractor or Class B electrician--Initial and renewal deposit--Disbursement from fund--Waiver.
36-16-21      Apprentice registration--Fee--Supervision of work.
36-16-22      Evidence of experience required for license--Partnership or corporate license.
36-16-23      Reciprocal licenses to electricians from other states.
36-16-24      Repealed.
36-16-25      Approval of license--Emergency farm and residential repairs exempt--Expiration and renewal of licenses.
36-16-26      Contractor's license terminated on death--Continuation of business.
36-16-27      Electrical work to comply with rules--Wiring permit required before connection--Fees.
36-16-28      Report to commission of electrical work done.
36-16-29      State commission inspectors and inspections--Report of inspection.
36-16-30      Installation inspection fees.
36-16-31      Condemnation of hazardous installations--Notice--Appeal to commission and circuit court.
36-16-32      Correction of condemned installation required before reconnection.

36-16-33      Revocation of license.
36-16-34      Failure to register, obtain license or report wiring as misdemeanor.
36-16-34.1      Action for injunction--Election of remedies.
36-16-35      More stringent local and utility requirements permitted.
36-16-36      Civil liability for damages and injuries unaffected--Public liability not created.
36-16-37      Severability of provisions.
36-16-38      Promulgation of rules for reinstatement of expired license.

Title 36
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