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36-25-1      Definition of terms.
36-25-2      State Plumbing Commission created--Appointment and qualifications of members.
36-25-3      Terms of commission members.
36-25-4      Oath of office of commission members--Tenure.
36-25-5      Vacancies on commission.
36-25-6      Meetings of commission--Quorum.
36-25-6.1      Commission continued within Department of Labor and Regulation--Records and reports.
36-25-7      Seal and record of proceedings--Register.
36-25-8      Officers of commission--Terms of office.
36-25-9      Repealed.
36-25-10      Employment of inspectors and assistants.
36-25-11      Repealed.
36-25-12      Compensation of secretary-treasurer and employees--Other expenses.
36-25-13      Repealed.
36-25-13.1      Payment of income to state treasurer--Account in treasury--Appropriation for expenses.
36-25-14      Administration of chapter--Promulgation of rules by commission.
36-25-15      Standards adopted for plumbing--Conformity to Uniform Plumbing Code.
36-25-15.1      Scope and objectives of plumbing standards and rules.
36-25-16      Local regulations permitted--Minimum standards--Plumbing by registrant pending municipal permit.
36-25-17      License required for plumbing work on public waterworks or sewerage system--Exceptions.
36-25-17.1      Waiver of licensing requirements for applicants in rural areas and small municipalities--Examination.
36-25-17.2      Training to be provided--Scope and contents--Exception.
36-25-18      Commission as committee of examiners--Duties of committee.
36-25-19      Application for license--Examination--Fees.
36-25-19.1      Plumbing inspection fee--Permit fee--Installation inspection fee.
36-25-19.2      Plumbing permit not required in certain situations.
36-25-19.3      Fees for plumbing code training courses.
36-25-20      Omitted.
36-25-21      Reciprocity with other states.
36-25-22      Registration and issuance of license--Expiration and renewal--Fees.
36-25-22.1      Repealed.
36-25-23      Temporary permits.
36-25-24      Initial apprentice license fees--Temporary license fees--Renewal.
36-25-24.1      Underground irrigation defined.
36-25-25      Repealed.
36-25-26      Notice to commission of change of address.
36-25-27      Revocation of permit--Grounds.
36-25-28      Procedure for revocation of permit.
36-25-29      Omitted.
36-25-30      Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.
36-25-31      Injunction to prevent violations--Election of remedies.
36-25-32      Continuing education.

Title 36
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