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36-9-96 Powers of nursing workforce center.
     36-9-96.   Powers of nursing workforce center. The nursing workforce center may address issues regarding the supply, demand, and need for nurses, including issues of recruitment, retention, educational preparation, and utilization of nurses. In addition, the nursing workforce center may:
             (1)      Maintain a database on the supply, demand, and need for nurses in the state;
             (2)      Convene representatives of nurses, health care providers, consumers, educators, government officials, and other individuals in business and industry to review and comment on data analysis; make recommendations for strategic action; and evaluate effectiveness of actions implemented;
             (3)      Provide electronic access to comprehensive information and research conducted by the nursing workforce center;
             (4)      Evaluate the effectiveness of nursing education articulation and support for nursing education mobility;
             (5)      Promote strategies to improve nursing workplace environments and promote nursing leadership development; and
             (6)      Evaluate the effectiveness of state initiatives implemented to address nursing workforce capacities and requirements.

Source: SL 2002, ch 178, § 2.

Chapter 36-9

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