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37-5B-1      Definitions.
37-5B-2      Jurisdiction.
37-5B-3      Offer or sale not made in state.
37-5B-4      Notice filing required.
37-5B-5      Notice filing provisions.
37-5B-6      Amendments.
37-5B-7      Updating disclosure documents.
37-5B-8      Start-up financial statements.
37-5B-9      Phase-in of financial statements.
37-5B-10      Negotiation of terms.
37-5B-11      Signed receipt.
37-5B-12      Exemptions from chapter.
37-5B-13      Exemptions from notice filing and obligations to deliver disclosure document.
37-5B-14      Exemptions from notice filing.
37-5B-15      Exemptions by director.
37-5B-16      Thresholds.
37-5B-17      Delivery of disclosure document.
37-5B-18      Time of delivery of disclosure document.
37-5B-19      Books and records.
37-5B-20      Burden of proof.
37-5B-21      Arbitration.
37-5B-22      Consent to service of process.
37-5B-23      Advertisement.
37-5B-24      Fraud--Class 4 felony.
37-5B-25      Fraud--Class 6 felony.
37-5B-26      Prohibited practices.
37-5B-27      Director approval not permitted.
37-5B-28      Administration.
37-5B-29      Promulgation of rules.
37-5B-30      Opinions.
37-5B-31      Filed documents.
37-5B-32      Records of filings and orders.
37-5B-33      Public and nonpublic records.
37-5B-34      Copies of notice filings and orders.
37-5B-35      Investigations.
37-5B-36      Request for information.
37-5B-37      Subpoena powers.
37-5B-38      Immunity.
37-5B-39      Unauthorized use of information--Misdemeanor.
37-5B-40      Cooperation with other agencies.
37-5B-41      Cease and desist orders.
37-5B-42      Order to show cause.
37-5B-43      Civil penalty.
37-5B-44      Order or request for hearing.
37-5B-45      Effect of order without hearing.
37-5B-46      Affirmance, modification, or vacation of order.
37-5B-47      Civil action by attorney general.

37-5B-48      Injunctive relief.
37-5B-49      Civil damages or rescission.
37-5B-50      Limitation of actions.
37-5B-51      Pending actions and actions based on prior conduct.
37-5B-52      Prior registrations and rulings.
37-5B-53      Prior offers and sales.

Title 37
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