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38-10-1      Policy of state.
38-10-2      Definition of terms.
38-10-3      Wheat commission--Members--Terms of office.
38-10-3.1      Independent functions retained by commission.
38-10-4      Qualifications of appointive members of commission.
38-10-5      Supervision of executive director.
38-10-6      Areas represented by appointive members of commission.
38-10-7      Terms of office of appointive members of commission--Vacancies.
38-10-8      Removal of wheat commission member.
38-10-9      Ex officio members of wheat commission--No vote.
38-10-10      Repealed.
38-10-11      Officers of wheat commission--Meetings.
38-10-12      Appointment of executive director--Compensation.
38-10-13      Repealed.
38-10-14      Powers of commission.
38-10-15      Formulation of general policies and programs for wheat promotion.
38-10-16      Wheat research and market development.
38-10-17      Research restricted to cooperation with other agencies.
38-10-18      Education and publicity program.
38-10-19      Cooperation with public and private organizations--Contracts.
38-10-20      Rules and regulations adopted by commission.
38-10-21      Commission records kept.
38-10-22      Promotional fee on wheat sold through commercial channels--Collection from first purchaser.
38-10-23      Sales to federal government exempt from fee.
38-10-24      Fee applicable to wheat stored or sold outside state--Collection from grower.
38-10-25      Proof of purchase delivered by purchaser to grower--Contents.
38-10-26      Alteration of proof of purchase documents as misdemeanor.
38-10-27      Quarterly reports by wheat purchasers--Payment of fee.
38-10-28      Fee deducted when loan made by federal agency--Federal forms accepted in lieu of invoice.
38-10-29      Supplemental and alternate forms used by commodity credit corporation.
38-10-30      Use by Commodity Credit Corporation of identification numbers--Access of state officials to records.
38-10-31      Fee paid at time of federal loan as complete satisfaction.
38-10-32      Minor errors in fee collection overlooked.
38-10-33      Assessment of fee by director on failure to file report--Penalty--Time of payment.
38-10-34      Application for refund of fee erroneously collected--Time for refund--Waiver by failure to file claim.
38-10-35      Deposit and appropriation of fees.
38-10-36      Repealed.
38-10-37      Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.
38-10-38      Citation of chapter.
38-10-39      Commission financial reports--Annual audit.
38-10-40      Liability for omissions.
38-10-41      Commission may contract with Public Utilities Commission to inspect assessment and checkoff records.

Title 38
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