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38-19A-1      Definition of terms.
38-19A-2      Distribution of adulterated soil amendments prohibited--Adulteration defined.
38-19A-3      Distribution of misbranded soil amendments prohibited--Misbranding defined.
38-19A-4      Registration of soil conditioners required before distribution--Application--Fee--Expiration--Labels and advertising literature submitted.
38-19A-5      Duplicate registration not required if labels do not differ.
38-19A-6      Minimum ingredients required for registration of soil amendments.
38-19A-7      Label required--Contents.
38-19A-8      False or misleading statements, labeling, advertising, or oral claims prohibited.
38-19A-9      Proof required of claims or usefulness and value--Evidence of proof.
38-19A-10      Approval required for listing or guaranteeing of ingredients on labels--Supportive data--Inspection and analysis--Quantities of ingredients required.
38-19A-11      Annual tonnage statement--Inspection fees.
38-19A-12      Failure to file, false filing, or failure to pay inspection fee as grounds for registration revocation.
38-19A-13      Inspection and analysis of soil amendments by secretary--Entry upon premises or carriers.
38-19A-14      Refusal of registration if soil amendment violates chapter or rules--Cancellation for fraud or deceptive practices--Hearing before revocation.
38-19A-15      Rules and regulations.
38-19A-16      Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.
38-19A-17      Stop sale, use or removal order--Duration--Release of withdrawn soil amendment--Costs and expenses.
38-19A-18      Deposit of fees.
38-19A-19      Analyses of lime or lime sludge compost provided by distributor.

Title 38
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