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38-20A-1      Definition of terms.
38-20A-2      Delegation of powers by secretary of agriculture.
38-20A-3      Declaration as pest of injurious plant, animal, or virus.
38-20A-4      Biennial registration required for sale or distribution of pesticide--Contents of application--Fees.
38-20A-5      Repealed.
38-20A-6      Registration not required for interplant shipments.
38-20A-7      Repealed.
38-20A-8      Requiring submission of complete formula.
38-20A-9, 38-20A-9.1. Repealed.
38-20A-10      Registration of article in compliance.
38-20A-11      Registration not a defense in criminal prosecutions.
38-20A-12      Notice to applicant of deficiencies--Refusal of registration--Hearing.
38-20A-13      Cancellation of registration--Hearing.
38-20A-14      Repealed.
38-20A-15      Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information as public offense.
38-20A-16      Pesticide below professed standard deemed adulterated--Substitution and abstraction of valuable ingredients.
38-20A-17      Repealed.
38-20A-17.1      Misbranded pesticides.
38-20A-18      Repealed.
38-20A-18.1      Misbranded device.
38-20A-19 to 38-20A-24. Repealed.
38-20A-25      Pesticide deemed misbranded if injurious when used as directed.
38-20A-26      Sale or distribution of adulterated or misbranded article prohibited.
38-20A-27      Sale of pesticide not registered or not conforming to registration prohibited--Change in labeling or formula.
38-20A-28      Sale other than in authorized container prohibited--Label required.
38-20A-29      Warning label and antidote statement required on highly toxic pesticides.
38-20A-30      Repealed.
38-20A-31      Carriers exempt from penalties--Access to records.
38-20A-32      State and federal officials exempt from penalties.
38-20A-33      Repealed.
38-20A-34      Alteration or destruction of label as petty offense--Changing composition of substance.
38-20A-35      Exemption of articles packed for export--Provisions applicable if not exported.
38-20A-36      Rules for administration of chapter--Scope.
38-20A-37      Cooperation with other state and federal agencies in enforcement.
38-20A-38      Regulations in conformity with federal standards--Hearing.
38-20A-39      Inspection and sampling--Access to premises and records--Identification and examination of samples.
38-20A-40      Repealed.
38-20A-41      Stop-sale order on pesticide or device in violation--Attachment to article--Notice--Effect of order.
38-20A-42 to 38-20A-45. Repealed.
38-20A-46      Payment of costs and bond to permit relabeling or reprocessing of condemned article.
38-20A-47      Prohibited contracts void--Action on contract prohibited.

38-20A-48      Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.
38-20A-49      Notice to offender of contemplated criminal proceedings--Opportunity to present views--Reference to state's attorney.
38-20A-50      Prosecution not required for minor violations.
38-20A-51      Prosecution of reported violations.
38-20A-52      Publication of judgments.
38-20A-53      Citation of chapter.
38-20A-54      Promulgation of rules to develop a waste pesticide collection, disposal, and container recycling program.
38-20A-55      Establishment of advisory committee--Members--Duties.
38-20A-56      Creation of pesticide recycling and disposal fund--Interest--Appropriation.
38-20A-57      Acceptance of donations.
38-20A-58      Establishment of public lands weed and pest fund--Interest--Expenditures.
38-20A-59      Distribution of fees.

Title 38
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