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38-21-1 to 38-21-13. Repealed.
38-21-14      Definition of terms.
38-21-14.1      Repealed.
38-21-15      Pesticide handling causing injury or pollution prohibited--Rules and regulations--Penalty for violation.
38-21-15.1      Bulk pesticide storage facility permit--Approval of plans for construction and operation--Revocation of permit--Operation without permit as misdemeanor.
38-21-15.2      Operation without permit--Civil penalty, injunctive, or declaratory relief.
38-21-15.3      Plans prepared by registered professional engineer not required nor prohibited.
38-21-16      Reporting of pesticide accidents.
38-21-17      Applicator's license required to apply pesticides--Annual fee--Exemption--Penalty for violation.
38-21-18      Standards for certification of applicators.
38-21-19      Repealed.
38-21-20      Issuance of applicator's license to qualified applicants.
38-21-21      Written explanation when license not issued.
38-21-22      Restrictions on applicator's license.
38-21-23      Certification required for private application of pesticide--Fee--Penalty for violation.
38-21-24      Records required of private and commercial applicators.
38-21-25      Repealed.
38-21-26      Expiration of applicator's license.
38-21-27 to 38-21-32. Repealed.
38-21-33      Classes of certifications and licenses.
38-21-33.1      Unlicensed operation as pesticide dealer as misdemeanor--Biennial expiration--Additional penalty for violation.
38-21-33.2      Exemption for physicians, veterinarians and pharmacists making minimum sales.
38-21-33.3      Exemption for pesticide applicators and government agencies.
38-21-33.4      Dealer's license required for each outlet--License for distribution from out-of-state outlet--Transitory locations prohibited.
38-21-33.5      Dealers' license fees--Form of application.
38-21-33.6      Denial, suspension, or revocation of dealer's license--Hearing.
38-21-33.7      Repealed.
38-21-33.8      Exemption from purchasing poison license and maintaining poison register.
38-21-34      One license fee only.
38-21-35      Veterinarians exempt in normal course of practice.
38-21-36      Research applications under laboratory conditions exempt.
38-21-37      Application without compensation exempt.
38-21-38      Personal farm use exempt.
38-21-39      Restricted-use pesticide classifications.
38-21-39.1      Unlicensed sale of restricted-use pesticide as misdemeanor--Additional penalty for violation.
38-21-39.2      Sale of restricted-use pesticide to unlicensed person by licensed dealer as misdemeanor--Additional penalty for violation.
38-21-39.3      Uncertified buying of restricted-use pesticide as misdemeanor--Additional penalty for violation.
38-21-40      Certification required for use of restricted-use pesticides--Restrictions--Criteria--Penalty for violation.

38-21-41      Reciprocal waiver of examinations.
38-21-42      Renewal of license or certification without examination--Exceptions.
38-21-43      Penalty for late renewal.
38-21-44      Suspension, denial, revocation, or modification of license or certification--Grounds--Penalty for violation--Action against violator.
38-21-45      Liability for pesticide damage unaffected by chapter.
38-21-46      Damage claims--Filing with secretary--Time.
38-21-47      Notice of receipt of damage claim--Copies furnished--Inspection of damages--Determination of merit.
38-21-48      Observation of claimed damage to be permitted.
38-21-49      Failure to file damage statement not a violation--Refusal to hold suspension or revocation hearing when statement not filed.
38-21-50      Repealed.
38-21-50.1      Application without license as misdemeanor--Additional penalty for violation.
38-21-50.2      Damages to person injured not lessened.
38-21-51      Administration and enforcement of chapter--Regulations.
38-21-52      Cooperation and agreements with other agencies and governmental units.
38-21-53      Entry and inspection of premises by secretary.
38-21-54      Search warrant when access denied.
38-21-55      Injunction of violations.
38-21-56      Promulgation of rules for notification of pesticide application.
38-21-57      Pesticide regulatory fund--Administration--Expenditures.
38-21-58      Application of pesticide to commercial applicator's own property.

Title 38
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