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38-24B-1      Definitions.
38-24B-2      Promulgation of rules.
38-24B-3      Pests as public nuisances--Permitting existence of pests prohibited--Distributing infested plant products prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-4      Misrepresentation of nursery stock and plants offered for distribution--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-5      License required to sell or distribute nursery stock--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-6      Application for license.
38-24B-7      Issuance of license--Annual fee.
38-24B-7.1      Certificate of inspection_Fee.
38-24B-8      Separate certificate for each sale location--Display--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-9      License for out-of-state nurseryman--Fee--Waiver.
38-24B-10      Inspection and certification sales by nonprofit organizations--Violations as misdemeanors.
38-24B-11      Certain applicants prohibited from receiving license or certificate of inspection.
38-24B-12      Growers and dealers--Certificate of inspection--Fees.
38-24B-13      Revocation of license--Hearing--Notice--Temporary cease and desist order.
38-24B-14      Term of license.
38-24B-15      Importation of plants--Certificate or copy to be attached--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-16      Accepting plants for shipment without certificate prohibited--Carrier to report imported plants without indicia of inspection--Quarantine--Disposition--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-17      Inspection of nurseries, places of possible pest infestation and nursery stock--Hindering as misdemeanor.
38-24B-18      Withholding certificate where pests discovered--Prohibiting distribution of infested or defective stock.
38-24B-19      Finding of pest infestation--Notice--Orders to prevent spread and to treat or destroy plant material--Notice of orders--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-20      Treatment or destruction by secretary on failure of owner--Strict liability for costs--Assessment, collection, and disposition.
38-24B-21      Damages for loss of infested or defective stock prohibited.
38-24B-22      Seller to furnish documents showing point of origin of stock--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-23      Seller of infested stock to furnish names and addresses of buyers--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-24B-24      Use of information.
38-24B-25      Agreements for certification of out-of-state and foreign nurserymen.
38-24B-26      Shipments of stock received from foreign country--Notice--Quarantine.
38-24B-27, 38-24B-28. Repealed.
38-24B-29      Violation of chapter--Revocation of license--Liability for damages.
38-24B-30      Nursery fund established--Purpose--Appropriations.

Title 38
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