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38-32-1      Definitions.
38-32-2      Corn utilization council established--Composition--Election--Secretary.
38-32-3      Repealed.
38-32-3.1      Election procedure when director's term is to expire--Polling location--No election if only one nominee.
38-32-3.2      Absentee voting.
38-32-3.3      Voting eligibility of participating growers--Affidavit.
38-32-4, 38-32-5. Repealed.
38-32-6      Notice of subsequent elections.
38-32-6.1      Notice of pending expiration of term--Time--Required information.
38-32-7      Receipt of highest number of votes by winning candidate--Terms of directors.
38-32-8      Administration of subsequent election--Election judges--Ballot security--Certification.
38-32-9      Districts from which directors elected.
38-32-9.1      Assignment of directors during transition.
38-32-10      Vacancies.
38-32-11      President and officers--Quorum--Calling of meetings.
38-32-12      Deposit of funds--Appropriation--Expenditures.
38-32-13      Powers of council.
38-32-14      Promulgation of rules.
38-32-15      Assessment on corn marketed to first purchaser within state.
38-32-16      Deduction of assessment from purchase price.
38-32-17      Application to be filed by first purchaser--Contents.
38-32-18      First purchaser to keep record of corn purchases--Examination by council--Report to council and remittance of assessment--Rules.
38-32-19      Enforcement of collection.
38-32-20      Refund to grower--Application--When refund made.
38-32-21      Development and dissemination of information by council--Cooperation with agencies and businesses.
38-32-22      Compensation and expenses for corn utilization council.
38-32-23      Nomination of directors by petition--Certification--Ballot position.
38-32-24      Council may contract with Public Utilities Commission to inspect assessment and checkoff records.

Title 38
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