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43-15A-1      Definition of terms.
43-15A-2      Estates subject to chapter.
43-15A-3      Establishment of condominium project--Master deed or lease.
43-15A-4      Particulars required in master deed or lease.
43-15A-5      Common areas defined.
43-15A-6      Joint or common ownership.
43-15A-7      Exclusive and common rights of owners.
43-15A-8      Recording of transfers and encumbrances of individual units.
43-15A-9      Recording of master deeds and leases--Tax inapplicable to original recordation.
43-15A-10      Notice of intent to sell domestic condominium--Contract voidable if notice not given.
43-15A-11      Fee to accompany notice of intent--Questionnaire--Form and content.
43-15A-12      Inspection of condominium project.
43-15A-13      Waiver of initial inspection.
43-15A-14      Filing fee and inspection expenses to accompany notice of intent--Payment to inspector.
43-15A-15      Deposit and expenditure of fees.
43-15A-16      Public report of examination findings--Status of report.
43-15A-17      Commission report required before offer to sell or taking reservations to purchase.
43-15A-18      Supplementary report on investigations made after final or substitute report issued--True copy to purchasers.
43-15A-19      Copy of reports issued to prospective purchaser before binding contract for sale--Time to read copy--Receipt.
43-15A-20      True copies to be exact reproductions of commission's reports.
43-15A-21      Receipts kept by developer--Inspection--Duration.
43-15A-22      Material change in offering prohibited without written notice.
43-15A-23      Deposits held in escrow until delivery of deed.
43-15A-24      Management or recreation facility contract period limited--Subsequent contracts by council of co-owners.
43-15A-25      False statement, fraud, or violation of provisions as misdemeanor.
43-15A-26      Investigation of developer suspected of violations--Examination of books--Developers to keep records available.
43-15A-27      Repealed.
43-15A-28      Validation of previously established vertical and horizontal property regimes and condominiums--Deadline for enforcing rights--Notice of pendency.
43-15A-29      Lien for erection, repair, or improvement of a single development--Apportionment of liens.
43-15A-30      Promulgation of rules to administer and enforce chapter.

Title 43
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