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49-31-1.1 "Noncompetitive service" defined.
     49-31-1.1.   "Noncompetitive service" defined. For the purposes of this chapter, "noncompetitive service" is a monopoly service for which no competition exists or the regulation of which is necessary to insure affordable local exchange service. Such services include:
             (1)      Residential local exchange service;
             (2)      Business local exchange service;
             (3)      Agribusiness local exchange service;
             (4)      Emergency services;
             (5)      Public and semipublic coin telephone service; and
             (6)      All services not otherwise listed in §§ 49-31-1.2 and 49-31-1.3.

Source: SL 1988, ch 375, § 2.

Chapter 49-31

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