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49-31-1.3 "Fully competitive service" defined.
     49-31-1.3.   "Fully competitive service" defined. For the purposes of this chapter, "fully competitive service" is a service that satisfies the criteria of § 49-31-3.2 and which has alternative services available to over fifty percent of the company's customers for that service or which is of limited scope or so discretionary in nature that regulation is not warranted. Such services include:
             (1)      Cellular radio services;
             (2)      Centron and centron-like services;
             (3)      Billing and collections;
             (4)      Optional services;
             (5)      Private line and special access; and
             (6)      Premise cable and inside wire.

Source: SL 1988, ch 375, § 4.

Chapter 49-31

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